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Thread: Your thoughts on ACTA?

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    Default Your thoughts on ACTA?

    I personally hate it. I also think it is a great symbol for what the government stands for.

    Here's a very informative video that explains its nature quite well:

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    SOPA/PIPA/ACTA is just crap. And the worst thing, we can't even know what ACTA actually stands for, because thats classified BUT they expect us to accept is anyway. Thats really screwed up... My trust for the politicians is so to say non existing after this.

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    funny how all of the things upon which 'we' build our success as nations and civilizations aren't copy protected.
    even within our own time of petty lawyering, two of the driving forces of our prosperity, and which originated within these times (and have revolutionized our lives) have never had copy protection enforced: the computer (in itself and as the IBM machines we mostly use) and the shipping container.
    speaks for itself.

    and i'd like to say, "if you don't want them to know, don't show", but i'm getting the impression that the political meddling in this issue is a part of a disturbing trend of large corporations dictating all things to all comers. we can see this for ourselves in our supermarkets, where the company dictates what it's going to pay to it's suppliers and then dictates what it's going to cost the retail customer; the old ideas of market forces, of service, of supply and demand and of the customer is always right have long been trashed.
    and there's a serious element of spitefulness involved, too, as we can experience ourselves when we go shopping, for the supermarket doesn't like it's expectations and dictats twarted by canny customers: whenever customers click-on to a bargain, not of design by the supermarket, the supermarket will either inflate the price (removing the bargain) or simply withdraw the item from the shelf.

    though you may not link such things, as i do, it's all about choice, or a lack thereof. 'they' want to have control over what we eat, drink, do and think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    i'm getting the impression that the political meddling in this issue is a part of a disturbing trend of large corporations dictating all things to all comers.
    I have one question for you, good sir: have you seen The Matrix?

    Think about it, it's all true! At this point I believe there will be some kind of police state that forces average people like you and I to do and think what we're told (as if we're not doing so now...). I'm getting tired of people saying, "Dammit, this is bad, screw the government!" and leaving it at that. As Maynard James Keenan says: We're all spewing passive-aggressive bullshit.

    I'm personally scared...what say you?

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    2 letters "BS"

    Just one step closer for the world becoming like Half life 2. (minus the aliens that is)

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