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Thread: Building a Nursery.

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    Talking Building a Nursery.

    Well. A friend and I have found an apartment in our price rang with a wonderful bedroom that faces the backyard. We've decided it will make a great Nursery.

    Any suggestions for what we should put in there? Silly things like wall color, or a theme.

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    I think the first thing that you should get is one of those rugs that have the roads all over so you have something to play on. then fill the room with toys

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    Treat it like you would a canvas. That nursery is suppose to represent you and everything you enjoy. A bedroom in one's house is considered a personal space and this should be no different. You mentioned you have a friend involved in this as well so I would suggest putting both your thoughts out on paper together. Make it as much his as it is yours. That way when it's finally done and you find yourself standing back to take in what you have created, it's not just a room anymore. It's a lasting memory that you two made happen together.

    I like to recommend a few places for gathering ideas to help that inspiration flow.


    It helps to come up with a general theme as well that way you at least have some kind of direction. More importantly though, have fun with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coboy View Post
    I think the first thing that you should get is one of those rugs that have the roads all over so you have something to play on. then fill the room with toys
    Oh man! I actually have one of those on my floor now! x33 They're so much fun with dinkies and what not!

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    I am so jealous! You have a wonderful opportunity!

    I would think of some cute things to put on the wall, like stencils and such. I know you can readily get some Winnie the Pooh or Mickey type themes at many design stores. Some cute framed nursery art, as well.

    As for colors, I would go with a nice soft yellow and baby blue. However, I would add a 'signature'. I'm thinking you and your friend could both put a big hand-print in the corner, sort of hidden away, in like red or green.

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    I agree with the others. Pick a theme that represents something you love, calming, and go with that. Both of you shop and build the nursery together. Take bunches of pictures and share.

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    I have a little nursery in my basement and I did choose the colours to suit boys and girls babies, yellow and whites with some creams as I thought if I made some new friends they might be AB girls or AB boys, I do change the theme each year, I plan around nursery rhymes, the one I have now is Humpty Dumpty.

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    There are some absolutely BEAUTIFUL paintings by Thomas Kinkade. (which spell check desperately wants to change to kinkiness). They are Disney themed but also more 'grown up'

    Disney Dreams Collection By Thomas Kinkade

    His paintings are beautiful and if you aim for a room that can be converted into a 'casual' room as well, that could be a good opinion for wall decor.

    Possibly pick a pastel color paint you like, blue, pink, green, yellow, and stripe the walls. If the room is fairly big but has a short ceiling, make vertical stripes to make it seem taller. Likewise for making a room seem wider with horizontal stripes.

    Colors can evoke emotions as well. So keep that in mind. Pink has psychologically been proven to make men weaker. Hence why its a 'girl' color. Reds tend to raise blood pressure (so probably not a good idea if you plan on sleeping in the room). Orange is good, tends to evoke joy and creativity. "Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity. It is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Orange is the color of fall and harvest. In heraldry, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance." Yellow has the same response basically, joy, happiness, intellect and energy (as a light yellow). An aqua-ish green promotes nature and good health, the darker greens symbolize money and provoke jealousy. "Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. Light purple evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings." That is if you think psychology is a worth-ful study and believe it's results.

    I think that the 'chair rails' look really good in a room. To me they make it seem very homey and inviting. As well as you can use a solid color on the bottom with the stripes on the top increasing the size how the room feels. It will feel larger this way. Or any other design you can think of, if you place the 'chair rails' higher up, it might cause you to feel smaller.

    Pick a carpet that's soft. That's important if you'll be crawling around on it. It's easier to pick a neutral colored carpet (tan, white, off white, ect.) so that your furniture will match best.

    Your furniture can be wood or plastic, I'd say stick with wood. Dark woods are my favorite personally, but lighter woods are more stylish nowadays.

    As for stuff to put in the room, assuming you have a pretty high budget, a crib, a rocking chair, changing table, a toy box, and whatever else I can't think of at the moment. You could make a "play area" by using the car mats like someone else said, or by using the puzzle piece floor mats with whatever colors or patterns on them. I'd also put a tv but that's just me.

    Whatever you choose make sure it reflects you and what you like. Make sure your friend also has some say in it as it sounds like you're sharing the house, which means rent/mortgage too. I'm happy for you and hope your nursery turns out beautifully! Good luck!

    After realizing that you're 17 and probably just renting an apartment and probably don't have much money. I should point out that this stuff (painting the walls) can be cheap, but landlords also usually forbid it, unless you pick one of their colors. But still good luck!
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    You've discovered something on which we don't agree.

    Thomas Kinkade is the antithesis of art.

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    My suggestion is "Shop the Dollar stores!" Dollarama has a plethora of 'wall art' for nurseries/kids rooms. Also check out the sections for teachers' aids...things like alphabet borders are cool (and cheap). Once you decide on a 'theme' & trucks...princesses...fairies....etc will be better able to judge what colour to paint the walls, etc. :-)

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