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Thread: Huggies, oh Huggies.

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    Unhappy Huggies, oh Huggies.

    I wear S/M Goodnites, and they fit amazingly; I've never had a problem, but I want a more kiddish print.

    I was thinking of trying Huggies Pullups? Do you guys have any experience, will the 4-5T fit? And also which ones should I get? (Cool Burst, Bedtime, ect....)

    Or do you have any other suggestions?

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    They will fit, but probably not super well. If your sole purpose is to get childish prints, then pick a pull up that has the prints that you like. Cool alert, nighttime, and regular pull ups each have different prints so get what one you like best. If you are worried about size, then I would hold off on the nighttime pull ups because they top out at 3t4t. Nighttime however has the best prints in my opinion and 3t4t might fit well enough if you can wear s/m goodnites.

    If you are that small then I would recommend you try underjams l/xl. They are very soft and the prints are unique. Many people really like underjams minus the fact that becuase we are too big the underjams fall apart and don't work, while you are still small I would try them out.

    You might also try pampers easy ups 4t5t/ 6 because they should fit about the same as huggies pull ups and they are the only pull up that I know of which smells like classic baby diapers.

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    I've never purchased the S/M Goodnites, but the L/XL ones are only a couple of inches longer than a size 6 Huggies diaper or a 4T/5T Pull-Up, so I'll venture a guess that the S/M Goodnites are very close to 4T/5T size. Beware of the sides, though. Pull-Ups have Velcro seams on the sides that are liable to pull apart when you don't want them to. Not all that long ago, I had a toddler in 4T/5T Pull-Ups, and he would often undo the elastic by accident when dressing himself.

    Another good indication of your chances would be: Can you tape on a size 6 diaper? Again, 4T/5T Pull-Ups are about the same size. The Pull-Ups might actually be a little harder to wear than a diaper, in fact, because the wide elastic on the sides effectively reduces the size of the leg holes (disclaimer: This is all from memory).

    Lastly: The Night-Time Pull-Ups sadly do not come in 4T/5T sizes, so they're a non-starter.

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    They most likely won't fit. Huggies seem to be a lot smaller than what people think. I've tried them, the largest size, and there's no way I could get them on. I can wear T4-T5 Pampers Pull-ups, but Huggies is a no-go.

    You miiight be able to, but I highly doubt it.

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    Ah, when I get a little commission money I think I'll go for the easy-up's seeing as I do enjoy the scent of pampers a lot. ;w; Thank you for all the help!

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    You can extend the velcro on the Pull-Ups with the velcro sides of another one and you can reuse them so you don't waste too much of them, pretty easy and even at 40" waist, I can manage to put them on, even if they are way too small to cover myself properly, I love the Cool Alert system, try them and you'll know why they are fun.

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    Why not consider a size 7 pampers? If you fit in the SM GN then they might fit you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locutus2k View Post
    Why not consider a size 7 pampers? If you fit in the SM GN then they might fit you.
    They fit space wise, but I can't do up the tapes without modifying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethanu View Post
    They fit space wise, but I can't do up the tapes without modifying it.
    Nah! Just keep pulling. If you haven't gotten the tapes to 38 or 39" apart, you haven't tried. Even the L/XL size of GoodNites and UnderJams have a hard time competing with that! S/M has no chance.

    As of this afternoon, I now have all the largest sizes of Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs diapers, including GoodNites, Pull-Ups, and UnderJams. But not Easy-Ups, as the 4T/5T size is hard to find. I'll be making and posting a graphic comparing the sizes of all of these products shortly, both at rest and stretched.

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