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Thread: how do i get noticed in public?

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    Default how do i get noticed in public?

    new here and love the thought of someone noticing my diapers in public! does anyone have any ideas of where i should go or things i can do to be noticed?

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    Although letting people see your diapers can be a thrill, PLEASE think about the long-term consequences.

    Their reaction WILL be negative.

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    Oh, you can always just wear about 3 or 4 of them at once, and walk into a crowded mall and let your pants fall down to your ankles while you are looking in the window of the most popular store in the mall. I think people might notice you then. If not, then give it up. It won't work.

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    Go to a big game, baseball, basketball, whatever, and run out on to the field, and pull your pants down.

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    While I know you guys are being goofy, I don't want him to be encouraged, and want him to get the wrong idea from this place.

    No one wants to know about your fetish, please don't flaunt it.

    Ergo, don't do it!

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    I agree with rainbowmommy, don't do it! Sorry to say this...but that would be pretty idiotic if you did that...

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    Easy. Just don't wear pant while wearing a diaper in public. Seriously it isn't a good idea. Just don't do it, you well regret it later on.*

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    I am talking about flaunting it when i want to flaunt it - like lifting my shirt to see the top of my diaper type of thing, not going totally exposed. I would just like to know where to go to be noticed like that - maybe a place that people will hear the crinkle.

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    This isn't the site to ask that around for that...Try DPF or Deeker...If you truly want to do it, then just do what you said you wanted to do

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