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Thread: Not Wanting To Show

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    I was just thinking, if you wear somewhere public, like an amusement park, then how would you keep from showing? I mean if you're like me, your pants have this way of falling half-way off your butt every 2 seconds.. Even with a belt... So does anyone have a good little trick for someone that wants to wear nothing but a t-shirt and jeans without that fear? :S

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    If you're in a public area and it does show, who is going to care? Assuming you don't run into anyone you know, none of the people that could notice are going to care if you are wearing a diaper. If they did notice they'd probably assume you needed it for some reason. So long as you are not making a scene of yourself no one can say anything about your choice of underwear. Think of all the strangers you see on the street each day, how many of them do you ever see again?

    To answer your question though, you could get a T-shirt that is long enough to tuck into your pants.

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    An Abena bodystocking (like a onesie) or something similar might do the trick -- even if your trousers slip down, people will only see the white cotton of the body stocking and assume it's underwear...


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    Another option - wear a long t-shirt tucked in. That might help a bit, as it'll help tighten up the gap between your jeans and body, too. And even if it comes un-tucked, it'll fall down over your jeans, so it's unlikely anyone would notice. Hope this helps, and enjoy

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    I'm a girl, so I have a lot of long tank tops lying about. I stitched one up in the groin, and then I wear jeans over the top. They're not too warm or thick or annoying under t-shirts, and all anyone would be able to see is a second shirt. Works very well.

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    WEar boxers over the diaper. And ditch the ghetto pants that you can't keep up on your waist for proper fitting ones that make you look like a respectible member of society. Oh and tighten your belt....

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    I thought up a neat little trick for this, Take two safety pins and attach the fabric on the inside of your back pockets to your T-shirt, keeps your pants up, Your shirt tucked and if you usually don't wear it tucked theirs always a longer shirt you could wear over it.

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    A onesie could help, or buying trousers that fit so they don't fall down

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    I wear the compression garments from the lady's section at WalMart - you know those ones that are supposed to make you look skinnier? I wear a high-waisted one that comes half way up may chest. Not only does it conceal the top part of my diaper if my shirt goes up, but it also makes for less bulk in my pants. I love the deep pressure feeling of having my diaper securely up against my body like this also. As for leaks, no worries. Having the diaper closer seems to ensure that the pee gets absorbed and distributed better then if your diaper is looser.

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