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Thread: Best Way To Pay With Parents Monitoring My Bank Account

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    Question Best Way To Pay With Parents Monitoring My Bank Account

    My Mom watches my bank account and it is under a family plan so she can, and will ask me things like "What were you buying for 40$ at this specific shop".

    I would use a visa gift-card but at that 5$ fee for a 50$ card doesn't seem worth it to me.

    Any way I can set something up to buy diapers and have them shipped to me, without it showing up on my bank account. I use a Visa Debit card and can withdraw money whenever, but if I buy online using the card I would probably get caught.

    - Visa Giftcard, five dollar charge fee for 50$ doesn't too sound good
    - Paypal, I would rather not have an account atrocious customer service too
    - Send money by mail, unlikely to work what is this the 1950s?
    - Check, possibly monitored by my mom
    - Debit Card, probably will get caught, she will look up where I spent the money

    What would you do in this situation? Shipping them to me is no problem as long as its discrete and no labels on the outside, I live in college dorm housing in a single RA suite so no problem with roommates either.

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    personally I would get a walmart or speedway money card, you load money on it and then spend it like a credit card, but it is more like a pay as you go thing.

    Hope that helps


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    If you are earning money through a job of some sort open your own bank account. If it is all coming from your parents still you have the right idea. Postal money orders are much safer than sending cash.

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    If you buy from ABU, the transaction says it was adressed to "CHSI, SNOHOMISH,".
    Not sure if you could make something up for that if you buy from there.

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    Yeah... walmart money card is my best suggestion, it is only $3 to buy and load, and you can always come up with an excuse to why you spent X amount of dollars at walmart. I believe you can also buy Amazon gift cards at walmart, and i dont think there is an additional fee for those. Then you could buy the stuff from Amazon. But if you live with your parents then you may have the issue of receiving shipments at home.

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    I was in this situation for a long time. If your mother watches your income and spending, it is easiest to open another bank account. However, here's the way I found around it before I could open my own account.

    You just go to a nearby grocery store every now and then, buy one cheap item, and get, say, $20 cash back. If she asks, it was groceries, but typically I find it's completely overlooked. Cash back shows up as debit either way.

    Then, if you don't have another account to drop that in, just save up around 40-60 and drop it right back into your monitored account a little later. Explain by saying something like you got paid to babysit, or sold something online to get something else. Then you will risk far less questions.

    Best explanation for a random Paypal charge is for computer software. Pretty much impossible for them to find out one way or the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreacleFox View Post
    If you buy from ABU, the transaction says it was adressed to "CHSI, SNOHOMISH,".
    Not sure if you could make something up for that if you buy from there.

    Check the ninth result!

    The Google, it is everywhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatar View Post
    What would you do in this situation?
    Get your OWN bank account which no one else has access to.

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    use paypal. it's worked for me, and i can just say that it's for little stuff like cords and lego parts.
    i haven't run into any problems with their customer service- just don't do anything *exceptionally* stupid.

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    As suggested above, use a postal money order, perhaps. I don't know what the cost is, but generally the USPS has the best prices on everything it offers.

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