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Thread: Wetting diaper in school?

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    Default Wetting diaper in school?

    How does one wet their diapers in school? What I mean is, I have a hard time just letting go in class. Also I think my satisfaction would show on my face. Does anyone here have any ideas? Out in the hall? Bathroom?


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    What do you mean the satisfaction would show on your face? You can't hide it? Also I'd doubt anyone would pay that much attention.

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    I just wet my diaper in class when ever I needed to go, and kept the exspression of joy off my face by thinking of how boreing the class was.

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    Don't wait till you really need to go. People might notice you squirming and you could leak. Just let out little spurts.

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    I'll have to just 'let go' and go for it. You never know until you try and and my Depends can hold one good wetting at least without leaking, even while sitting.

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    Just go to class diapered a few times, not worrying about it, and it'll happen. No big deal, and no problem. It's not hard to be diapered in class in college. I was all the time. Just relax and enjoy. It may make boring lectures more tolerable.

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    If you really can't go in class, go to the bathrom and sit in a stall and go.

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    I'm surprised they wouldn't be able to hear it, I don't know about anybody else but when I wet my diaper it's a little audible, I think if someone were sat next to me in a quiet room they'd be thinking ' that guy peeing?".

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    I wear to every class, they are minimum hour and a half. The longest is 5 hours in which I have to change between the hour lunch break we receive. I could easily go 2-4 times within that time frame. I don't flood or out huge amounts, but small drizzles or if I cough or sneeze. Usually when I use the toilet it holds me hostage because it Always makes me feel like I still have to go. I hate that feeling so much!. As for the answer to the post, I don't think anyone notices me wetting more than they do someone leaving the room to use the restroom, it can be really distracting especially if your me trying to go 3-5 times per class.

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