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    Hey all I have Tourettes syndrome, it is a neurological disorder that causes me to have (sometimes) uncontrollable tics. Does anybody else here have Tourettes and does it affect your diaper wearing in any way ? I don't think mine has affected my diaper wearing other than being teased as a kid and beaten up I think that has caused me to regress to an AB/DL to be safe. I was also sexually abused as a child and a therapist I saw once suggested that this was my 8 year old solution to keep myself safe. Any thoughts ?

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    Interesting theory from your therapist. One wonders if there is any truth in it. I know that children who have been sexually molested often find psychological ways to cope. Some seriously zone out, so that they are somewhere else when the molestation is occurring. I've heard of some children messing their pants so that they would not be enticing to the molester. In extreme cases, multiple personalities have occurred. It's quite possible that Tourettes could manifest as a defense mechanism.

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    I have Tourettes as well. It has not at all effected my diaper wearing.
    But, you were beaten up over it?
    That's horrible!
    If anyone finds out I have Tourettes, they just drop the subject. People have even stuck up for me when people mocked me because of my constant neck tics.

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