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Thread: Diapered Teen or Diapered Adult

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    Default Diapered Teen or Diapered Adult

    Which do you think was better - Wearing diapers as a teen or wearing diapers as an adult from the standpoint of pure enjoyment. It might have been more enjoyable to have worn diapers as a teen for me. Maybe someone would have helped change me. Did you enjoy wearing your diapers more when you were younger?

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    Well this should be in Adult Baby, considering not everybody that views Diaper Talk is an adult.

    Idk, I'd feel better wearing them if I was an adult, that way I can have the freedom to wear them and not constantly have to worry about someone finding out about my little secret.

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    I've enjoyed wearing diapers no matter what age I was. This includes the present. To me, the only difference between then and now, is that back then it was more of a challenge to acquire diapers, as well as keep them hidden and disposal. As far as the enjoyment factor, that has remained a constant no matter the age.

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    That's a good question. As I'm older now, it's easier to get them, don't have to hide them, and can wear them freely in the house. But there was something special about them when I was a few years younger. For me I'd say "Teen".

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    I enjoy them more now Not sure about teen years. There was more stress associated with it.

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    I enjoyed them more as a teen. Yes, they were harder to get, but my body being hairless and more . . . well, younger-looking made it more enjoyable.

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    I have always enjoyed wearing diapers and during my teen years didn't get too many chances to do so. Now later in life I enjoy them very much mainly because I am free to wear when ever I like too.

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    Things seemed greater when I was a teen. I could be content with a goodnite and some cartoons on tv, but now that I am more involved with adult diapers, AB specific items, diaper accessories, and the entire world of abdlism, everything seems so much more complicated. I even miss the binge and purge cycle because on the purge stage I was so optimistic that diapers would not interfere in my future. Now I have accepted that this isn't going away and live in a constant state of anxiety similar to that of the binge stage.

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    I'd say as a teen, in large part because Goodnites were still the original all white ones (pre-trimfit). Also though, as I get older I find part of me thinking this whole diaper thing is for young(er) people. If that makes any sense.

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    I think more so as a teen because it was so forbidden and because I was at my sexual peak. It's not that I don't enjoy it now, because I do, but there's nothing like that first time as a kid, the actually doing it, the feeling and the climax. What could compare with that!

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