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    Disclaimer: Somewhat abrasive language.

    Note - I'm writing this for everyone who feels the same way. I know there are plenty of people. Those who debate others and, just because they're holding up good points and successfully poking holes in others' arguments, they get shot down with low blows.-

    Why is there always that annoying person who has to call me a jerk or an asshole because of my opinions? I'm curious as to why, when people are on the losing end of a debate, they take up the whole, "You're so condescending to everyone.." approach. Really? I'm condescending? Well, sorry that it's difficult to maintain my composure while trying to keep up a conversation with a fucking idiot. I'm never "condescending" to people who bring up intelligent, informed points that can be supported with evidence or rational thought.

    I'm "condescending" to people who want to come at me and not only say that I'm wrong about something that I'm pretty sure I've done my homework on, but also take their own shots at articulating a viewpoint when they're completely uninformed on the subject. Their arguments are always irrational and based on nothing but opinion and spite and/or occasionally the very little information they've gathered up on the subject via Fox News.

    Bottom Line: I respect opinion as long as it makes sense. I always have a respect for the person I'm arguing with unless they give me a reason not to give it to them. Like, if you come up to me and say, "I'm a god-fearing, republican, pro-war, anti-marijuana bigot who hates fags and thinks that everyone except white, straight people should burn," I'm sorry. You're probably going to get reamed out.. And most likely punched. But if you counter my argument with a reasonable argument, I'll either agree or agree to disagree. The problem is, no one does that. That "condescending asshole" side of me isn't a condescending asshole. It's simply me poking holes in your argument. And maybe it comes off as abrasive, but I like to keep my points efficient and sharp.

    Does this make sense that I'm not really a jerk and a lot of people are just soft, or is it really that I'm just too abrasive and heated in debates?
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    Hm... It seems from your post that you... you articulate your thoughts well, but I think the reason people may dislike your arguing is because of your points preference: efficient and sharp. I know I don't like it when I'm misinformed (not by Fox- don't watch them) and someone calls me an idiot for not researching something when all I did was mention it in passing. I like efficiency, though. Very good points are fine. Another problem you might have, though, is the point about arguments being based on opinion. To be honest, all arguments are an opinion. Whether the data backs up one side more than the other, people will still fight for what they believe in. And when arguing opinions, might I suggest just dropping the subject entirely? If someone has an opinion, you won't persuade them to change it. Seeing reason through emotion is like walking through a wall. If we could walk through walls, we simply wouldn't have walls. If we could easily reason through emotion, we wouldn't have emotions.

    Oh well. That's my opinion. :P


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