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    I know some furries are also *B/DL, and they like to incorporate that into their fursona as well as furry art, stories, and all that. See, I am an AB and a furry, but I don't personally mix the two. I wonder how many others are this way?

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    I guess it depends on how you look at your fursona. For example, my fursona is just like me. And since i am an AB, more specifically a Little Boy, not necessarily an infant, but more like 5 years old or so, that is how my fursona is portrayed.

    Now if i were to look at as another personality.. like there is the real me, the little me, and the furry me. Then it might make more sense for my fursona to be older and non diapered. But Little me is how i want to be, and since my fursona is me, he is little. does that make any sense?

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    Yeah, I can dig that. All a matter of preference, eh?

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    I would like to incorperate it a little bit, but certainly less that half of my drawings. I'd just rather draw to express myself in ways other than fetishtic.

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    For my case I do both mix them and don't. Depending on what's going on. I can be that tiger chipmunk cub, a lil afro-american 2 year old boy, or even a lil munk boy (human with a chipmunk tail and a few stripes here n there)

    And yeah it's matter of preference

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    I both mix and don't as well. I love to be a sweet little white fluff, or just a giggley little 3 year old girl.
    but I especially love to be my little white fluff nekomimi self.


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