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Thread: Unique Wellness - $59.97 for 60 with free shipping until 2/9/12

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    Default Unique Wellness - $59.97 for 60 with free shipping until 2/9/12

    Products - Super Absorbent Adult Brief, Super absorbent Diaper, Super Absorbent Diapers & Brief

    Use coupon code "Save"

    I hope my sample gets here quick (and they're actually good)...

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    Let me know what you think when you get your sample I have been wanting to try these. they look like they have a nice loud plastic outer layer.

    Thanks for the sale info.

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    Unique Wellness are among my favorite diapers of all time. They fit great, are very comfortable, have good tapes, and the plastic backsheet is smooth just like Pampers, Luvs, and Attends of the '80s and '90s. Highly recommended!

    Thank you for the coupon code!

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    yup bought these last time they were on sale. Highly recomend the at the price of 1 dollar a diaper shipped!

    oh and to the original poster, um where did you find the coupon code from out of curiosity

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    They have coupon codes on Facebook and other places apparently.

    They also sent me a sample pack with a 10 dollar code in it. The funny thing about the sample pack is, I didn't pay, or even ask, for it!

    Just showed up. *shrugs*

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    For the Canadian *B/DL's has the same sale, coupon code Keep10 or Thanks2 (Exp Feb 14)
    From the testimonials on the site a few are from *B/DL's so they must support us I guess.

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    .. BWT I just ordered me a case too I was having mixed feelings because there are so many "good" and "bad" reviews but ultrapampers made them sound irresistible! So I will put off my case of Abena for now and try these. BTW Canadians from it's $87.34 with shipping..

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