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    I'm now 17 years old, and i'm more of DL than TB.
    I like music, any kind. I don't care about genre.
    I like sports, but not so into it.
    my nickname is EasyUp (of pampers i once wore a lot).

    Well i became DL when i was 11. The background story of how i became DL:

    i attended to weekend school (it was more like daycare) where there was youth department of age 2~6,
    elementary department of age 7~10. there was middle school and high school department, but it doesn't matter here.

    well at that time, i was the oldest member of elementary department, only the one being 11 (there wasn't much of 10~9 year old kids, they were the older sibling of younger ones). Actually, I was popular to girls of age 6~8 those who were going to kindergarten because I played with them very often (our parents were very close neighbor). It's not like playing dolls, but taking a role in a play. They always gave me 'the little brother' part because they said it was neccesary. You can imagine how they treat me, but it wasn't like wearing diaper or something like that. I just had to pretend that i was a normal 5 years old, not much deal.

    i didn't really like to be the younger brother of 6 year old girls, but i didn't have much choice at the time because my mum told me to take care of them and be nice to them. That's why i was in elementary department though i was 11. I had to babysit elementary kids. but then elementary department and youth department was right next to each other, and that was when i first saw pampers baby dry (it was size 4+ i'd reckon).

    well. there is far more story, but i'll just abbreviate because whole story ends up by, finding diaper package in the play room, sneak few of them, try them on and be DL/

    sorry for making the introduction distracting.

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    Hi EasyUp!

    welcome to ADISC!

    Your english is pretty good!

    We have several awesome Germans here,
    be sure to message Peachy
    he is our unofficial German ADISC ambassador!

    We even have a Peachy fan club here! PAPA - Peachy Appreciation Party Association -

    Have fun and enjoy your experience at ADISC!
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