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Thread: Bridal Diapers?

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    Default Bridal Diapers?

    has anyone heard of this? ive only heard of it on abdl sites and such but after seeing the video im not sure. the guy says its a turnoff but i would love to change my brides diaper after a long wedding day i love the pic in the vid too

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    I have to call BS on this. When I was in high school I used to work around weddings pretty frequently. Never once even thought about one of the brides wearing a diaper. This is probably some AB/DL fantasy turned Urban Legend. Reasons why?

    1. What if it leaks or gets full? Try taking flight when you have to waddle.
    2. What happens on the wedding night if the groom is not an AB/DL? Most of us probably wouldn't care about a bride who was all messy and wet, but grooms who are not of our persuasion would probably have issues.
    3. The reception? Really?

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    Where can I get me a bridal diaper? That looks lovely.

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    It's a fake rumor I have done a lot google search see if was real and its not.

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    It surely must be the case that some brides wear diapers under their dresses, however doing so simply because one's dress is complicated does seem unlikely to be a major reason. More likely reasons would obviously be incontinence or super-heavy menstrual flow. (The latter would suggest the wedding date was poorly chosen! ) But has a bride ever worn a diaper under her dress just to avoid cumbersome bathroom breaks? Probably. There are an awful lot of brides in the world, and weddings are pretty tough on brides.

    I'm skeptical of an actual "bridal diaper" product, however.

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    I know at least one bride who has done it (actually had a blog entry about it but I accidentally deleted it when cleaning up some other stuff in it :\). Long story short, yes, her dress was a bit complicated, and not well suited to the restrooms at the venue.

    When I have a chance I'll have to repost that blog entry as it's actually a pretty funny story considering my own role in it.

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    I've read about this before. I'm sorry, but the modern day bride would never wear a diaper on her big day.

    That guy is a chimp by the way. YES I'M GOING TO STEW IN IT.

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    I don't know what those people are talking about in the video this sounds like a great idea! You can usually hold a mess for long enough but you don't want to piss yourself. A lot of dresses are ridiculous as in they are huge dress! Sitting down would be difficult let alone going to the bathroom.
    Actually, once my girlfriend was comfortable with diapers she brought up that when she gets married she would wear a diaper for the convenience and excitement :P.

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    I believe this is a prank that was started by a AB/DL years ago that got out of control.

    The more Brides hear about bridal diapers the more likely some will try it but most people are too potty trained to even be able to use it even if they wore it.

    Bridal Diapers - Diapers For Brides - Marie Claire

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    i got married not to long ago and the thought of wearing a diaper under my dress wouldn't have even crossed my mind, but that is more for the thought of having to explain it to my now husband. if you are not a female and never had the experience of having to deal with bathroom issues related to dresses (whether it be from the prom dress to the wedding dress) this is hard to understand, but it would be much easier and a good safety net, having to have someone help you pee is weird not to mention the fact that most bathrooms/stalls are just not roomie enough for this all the time.
    so no it is not something that they tell you at the dress fitting or what not, but it could and probably is done...just not a regularly spoken about thing.

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