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Thread: What's your definition of a sissy?

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    Default What's your definition of a sissy?

    Like the title says, exactly how would you define a sissy?

    From what I can tell, it can be anyone who's a cross dresser to someone who has the desire to be a female, to someone who just likes to RP as a female. I'm not really sure what the definition is, or if' it's like the fandom, where you ask ten different people and you get 12 different definitions.

    Sorry if this thread already exists, I just don't see it.

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    I'm pretty sure you're right, 10 different people will give you all a different answer. For me It's liking to dress like a little girl, the idea of having long curly hair I can fix up a million different ways, making myself look pretty & have someone tell my i'm beautiful and mean it. That's just my though

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