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Thread: Should I be worried that I can't?

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    Question Should I be worried that I can't?

    So after way too long I've started to indulge my DL fantasies, but now I'm having an issue I didn't expect to come up. I seem to be seriously restricted in the positions where it's even physically possible for me to wet.

    The standing position is pretty easy (as noted in another thread), and there's a point where I can recline back enough to let go, but in normal sitting positions or when lying down, I find there just seems to be no way, no matter how much I relax or how long I give it. I can feel the valves open but get no flow, if you get my meaning.

    This makes me worry about other things. What happens if someday I'm bedridden and can't get up, am I going to die from being unable to empty my bladder? Is it possible I'm developing a prostate issue and that's what's getting in the way? On the other hand, if I try to "break the dam", do I risk developing an actual bedwetting problem, or worse?

    Hope that last paragraph doesn't sound too panicky. It's mostly hypothetical concerns right now but I'd like to know if what I'm experiencing is common or if I may have stumbled upon a health issue I need to have checked out.

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    Have you been able to wet laying down before? I know I have a problem with it, because my body is trained to hold it in when I'm laying down. I kind of have to trick my body into releasing it.

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    It's because you have been training your bladder to be able to hold it, and only go in a toilet for all these years. Now that you are in foreign territory, your body still thinks it is not supposed to even though you know that it's okay. So it takes more training to slightly untrain yourself haha. Just keep trying and eventually it will be easier.

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    This is a very common "problem" with people who haven't had a lot of adult experience wearing diapers. It just takes time and patience. Don't bother forcing it. When you are relaxed with yourself and your diaper, you'll be able to wet in most any position.

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    Sometimes having your diaper on too tight it can be more difficult to let go in those positions. If your just wetting try loosening it a bit to have more room in-between your Unit and the diaper.

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    The best way to go lying down would be wait until you really need to go, hopefully your body should be almost willing to go on its own.

    Also if you are bedridden one day then you most likely have a catheter, as it's way simpler and virtually no clean up.

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    I used to find it really difficult to wet in *any* position. The best way to get over that is to just relax. If you try to force yourself to wet, it's like you have two sets of muscles fighting each other.

    If you just concentrate on relaxing, after a bit of practice, it will come naturally. If nothing happens at first, don't force it out, just drink some water, wait, and stay relaxed. Eventually something will happen whether you like it or not!

    I still find it almost impossible to go laying down...

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    Take it in stages. Practice sitting down on the toilet, then without the toilet, and eventually move to laying down.

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    Yep at first it was really hard. Sitting for me was the hardest

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    Just to clarify, you cant die from not being able to release your bladder unless your bladder muscle has been working out and is able to bench press 600 pounds, you should be fine. I had this same problem when I first got into diapers. The best way I have found to be able to go without second guessing is to simply drink a lot of water and tell your body that the only way to relieve your self is in a diaper. This worked for me, I just gradually worked from standing to sitting to lying down. If you keep telling your self there is no other option then using the diaper, your bladder will eventually relax.

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