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Thread: Bambinos in Canada. I'm thinking of selling them

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    Lightbulb Bambinos in Canada. I'm thinking of selling them

    Hi all I got this idea to sell Bambinos in Canada from the people of adisc and wanted some input from you guys.
    Some background. I have been reading on the fourms some of the complaints of those who live outside the USA that they can not get bambinos,
    and I was thinking that as I live near the US border I have easy access to them, and hope to have better stock control than b4ns and maybe better rates.

    1. is it a good idea?

    2. would ebay or my own website be better? ( both cost money)
    if I had my own website than I would need to design it or have someone else do that. If any one of those on adisc would like a challenge?
    and what is a good web hosting company for an online store?

    3.what do you think is reasonable mark up?

    4.would you buy?

    5.what would you buy, and how many?

    6. what other brands should I sell?

    thank you

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    I suppose this is something you could do but your biggest hurtle might concern international trade laws. Would you have to pay taxes, tariffs, etc.? I'm not sure how that works.

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    1) If you can follow through with it, sure it's a good idea. But a good business takes a lot of care and attention, not to mention start up capital, so I would advise you to count the cost first, as the saying goes.
    2) Ebay has some advantages, in that you have a system over you to worry about webdesign, bugs, and to mediate conflicts for you (it'll probably save you a lot of headaches), plus you have the option of auctioning things off, so you might get more on Ebay than in a storefront.
    3) I have no idea, frankly, since I don't buy Bambinos, but you've ultimately got to look at your competition. Since that's really only B4ns (so I understand), you'll have to use their prices as a basis for how much you can charge.
    4) No, but then I'm not in Canada.
    5) If I were buying, I'd buy the bianco mediums, maybe the teddies, probably not the belissimo.
    6) Stick with products in a similar range, like Dry 24/7s. But again, your competition will determine your product range. If their big sellers are both Bambinos and Dry 24/7's, you'll want to have both. But you'll also want to have something that your competitors don't have, that way you stand out.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I suppose this is something you could do but your biggest hurtle might concern international trade laws. Would you have to pay taxes, tariffs, etc.? I'm not sure how that works.
    Incontinence products are tax exempt at least at the provincal level.

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterPython
    See if you can beat B4NS on shipped price.
    I think I might be able to at least match them.

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    Your product would still be subject to customs, however; if you could get them in container bulk quantities, they would likely be shipped from China, not America. Contact them directly and see what you can negotiate.

    So to try to answer your questions:

    1: Probably. I don't live there, so I cannot comment on how large your customer base would be.
    2: Your own website would be best, especially if you plan to turn a reasonable profit (tax reasons). Even if you used ebay, you may still be subject to income tax based on how much you sold. Once again I don't live there so I don't know how your system works. Here in NE, USA, the law requires that any profit over $500 must be reported, weather online or not.
    3: If you contact bambino and manage to negotiate terms with them, you probably won't have to mark them up very much.
    4: I don't live there, so I cannot comment on that.
    5: Once again I don't live there.
    6: Don't know. In your case you should consider a diverse offering from low cost quality diapers (snugs, tena, the like) to higher quality more expensive diapers (Abena, Secure) to maximize your profit/sales margin.

    I really don't know how business works; and I'm probably wrong with my info; but this should help to give you an idea for what you want.

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    B4NS is the exclusive supplier of Bambinos in Canada. Unfortunately Bambino will not sell you this product to sell in Canada or any market that has agreements of this type.

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    For price: As long as it's cheaper than B4NS, you're good.

    I would buy, although I'd need to know if Bellissimos would be any good before I guarantee that. The classicos, teddies and biancos are too big for me, and they no longer make a small. :/

    I would probably buy a case rather than per pack, as it's cheaper, although as I'm moving back in with my parents for (hopefully) the last time from May to September, so I'd start buying in September once I get my new address, and I'd probably buy ever few months, provided I have the income.

    You could also try getting Cushies, since B4NS sometimes offers them, but only in like L or XL, and even then they sell out really fast.

    My answers are not in order, if you didn't notice.

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    If I had the money I would try it.
    I would probably order two of those plastic case things.

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