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Thread: Whats your school schedule like?

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    Default Whats your school schedule like?

    Well, I am just curious, as to what everyone's school schedule is like. Like, if its five days a week M-F, or something else. Also, please list your classes.

    So, here, we go to school M-F. School starts at 7:55, and ends at 2:43.

    My classes:

    3rd-Jazz Band
    4th-World History/Lunch
    5th-English 2
    6th-Spanish 2
    7th-Algebra 2

    The reason im in band AND jazz band, are because they are two guaranteed A's, and hey, who couldnt take a guaranteed A!
    Oh, forgot to mention, I am a sophomore in highschool, so I know that if your out of schooling, this doesnt really apply, but feel free to comment!

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    Monday through friday.

    1st: Gym
    2nd: Family and consumer science
    3rd: Mathematics
    4th: Georgia Studies
    5th: Language Arts
    6th: Physical science

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    M-F 8:00 to 3:00

    1. fish and wild life
    2. video production
    15 min morning break
    3. weights one
    4. CSI forensics
    5. world cultures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connor92 View Post
    The reason im in band AND jazz band, are because they are two guaranteed A's, and hey, who couldnt take a guaranteed A!
    Long out of school, but I appreciated classes that were pretty much guaranteed A's, or 90+ as our grading system went. P.E., Shops (wood and metal), Mechanical Drawing, and Surveying were fun and enjoyable which translated into consistently excellent grades for me. Wish I could have said the same for other academic subjects.


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    I go to school Monday to Friday. Schedule is over a fortnight with 5 hour periods a day. Period 1 starts 9:15. 20 minute break at 10:15. Period 2 at 10:35 and lunch break an hour long two hours later. Period 4 begins 13:35 and I go home at 15:35. I have to be in school by 8:40.

    Over two weeks, I have nine periods of German, Maths and Physics. I also have 1 period of General Studies a week and 2 of Games (for which I do swimming). I also have 1 additional hour of Maths a week that is out of choice - i.e non compulsory. I have dropped Product Design this year, which means that over a fortnight I will have 15 free periods (as opposed to 6 with it). I'm allowed to go home if it is after Lunch break and I only have free periods left.

    I won't post my full schedule, but on most days I have all three of my main subjects. I don't have to same classes every day, or at least not in the same order, and listing the full 10 day schedule would have been a bit tiresome.

    E.g Thursday (either week)

    9:15 - 10:15: Physics
    10:15 - 10:35: Break
    10:35 - 11:35: German
    11:35 - 12:35: Maths
    12:35 - 13:35: Lunch
    13:35 - 14:35: Free
    14:35 - 15:35: General Studies

    If you are desperate to see my full schedule feel free to PM me! But only if you are desperate.

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    1: Study Hall or Gym depends on what day it is.
    2: Business Dynamics
    3: History of the Vietnam War
    4: Psychology
    5: Digital Art and Design.
    Lunch ^_^
    6:Mass Media
    7: Physical Science (Yes the easy science because my college doesn't require sci credits XP)

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    M-F: 7:30-2:05
    1: sewing/cooking
    2: study/gym (switches everyday)
    3: algebra
    4: lit. forms
    5: world history 2/lunch
    6: college biology
    7: study

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    Tuesday's and Thursdays: 12:30pm-1:45pm History, 7pm-9pm Pre Calc
    Wednesdays: 4pm-10pm Physics (It's actually 2 different parts: a lecture and a lab, but I just put the two together)

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    08:25 - 09:45 - 12U Catholic Social Teachings
    09:50 - 11:07 - Spare
    11:07 - 11:51 - Lunch
    11:47 - 01:16 - 11U Chemistry
    01:16 - 02:34 - 12U Biology

    Then next semester.... which starts beginning of Feb.

    08:25 - 09:45 - 12U Math
    09:50 - 11:07 - 12U English
    11:07 - 11:51 - Lunch
    11:47 - 01:16 - 12U Chemistry
    01:16 - 02:34 - 12U Family Studies

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    MAndi: eww.... block schedules X.x

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