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    Hi Everyone. i'm sure you've read about this many times but honestly it's my first time being diapered out in public for an entire day. I have been thinking about it for sometime I just never could get myself to put a diaper on while at school. Well recently I bought enough diapers to allow me to attempt this. Well it's February 1 and I attempted it and I succeeded. I am so happy. Now I just need to have one left over for when I go to my therapist's office tonight so I can show him I'm serious about it. I just hope that he doesn't think i'm weird or anything. i don't think he will. He's pretty cool. Pretty understanding as well. I may be posting things throughout the day so if you have any questions of me please feel free to ask them. I don't bite.


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    If my advice means anything, I would seriously suggest that you don't wear a diaper to your therapists office.

    People may disagree, but I think one thing that you would want to prove to your therapist is that you can be just as content out of diapers as you are in diapers. He will most likely not worry too much about the diapers themselves.

    Wearing diapers in public is totally cool, as long as you aren't showing them off. Otherwise, who cares? Wear them to your heart's content. But loving diapers, like everything else should come with the same balance as all other things in the teeter-totter of life.

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    Yea I don't think i'm going to. I've had all day to think about it. I did wear two of the ones I brought to school with me though. felt great. Now i just need to deal with a rash until i get home. But i think when I leave my therapists office i will put my last one on. I don't really know. I plan to tell my Therapist that I wear them tonight if i get around to it. I know there's more pressing issues at hand. Thanks for the advice though. Sure does give a perpective on things.

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    I'm glad I could be of help.

    As for your rash, are you using powders and lotions? I have always looked at wearing diapers without powder and lotion to be like wearing shoes without socks.. We all know the outcome of shoes without socks.. blisters, rawness, and odor.

    Desitin or Balmex are great at preventing rashes and they don't have too distinct of a smell. Layer it on generously, not just on your bum and private areas, but lightly around your waist and the upper edges of your buttocks where sweat gets caught and materials can rub uncomfortably.. Just be cautious of ruining the tapes. Vasoline is also great for these two same purposes. I use these and also sometimes I'll use some Johnson and Johnson's baby lotion or baby magic.. but that does have more of a potent and recognizable smell. Before you diaper up, sprinkle a little baby powder in there for moisture protection as well. Not too much though, as baby powder also has a distinctive and unmistakable smell.

    Read labels of course to make sure you aren't allergic to anything. It takes trial and error to figure out what is best for you, but NONE of us wants a rash!


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    as for the rash I put some lotion on it when i got home. Even though that was at around 8pm. As for the question regarding the rash, NO, I don't use any thing when i diaper up. I should but i'm always left wondering will it give people the notion that i'm wearing a diaper. You gave some good options thanks. I will have to powder up from now on to deal with the sweat issue. I will also have to buy some rash stuff as I have none. Thanks again for the advice. I did tell my therapist about me wearing diapers. His advice was if i want to do it do it if i don't then don't. We had a small discussion about it and made progress on it.

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