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    I used to be ashamed and even self loafing that I liked to wear diapers. Now I have come to a point where I have excepted it and I don't feel ashamed.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I know exactly how u feel man, I use to dread the whole diaper and baby thing, now I accept it and I like it

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    The whole thing built up for a long time for me, but one night was a turning point.

    Since then, I have been able to love myself for who I am, and I'm only getting stronger as time goes on!

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    So long as no one else knew, I've never really feel ashamed of myself -- it always seemed simple and uncomplicated (if completely inexplicable) that I liked wearing nappies...

    But if I was in danger of anyone else finding out and being disapproving or just not understanding, then I would feel *awful* -- is that "being ashamed" or just "being afraid of judgement"... I dunno...

    I guess what I'm saying is that I don't judge myself, but I would feel bad if others judged me...

    I think that knowing that there are so many nice, intelligent, kind people on ADISC helps, too...

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    I have been in complete denial my whole life up until this past year. Now I'm accepting myself and both me and my husband are happier because of it.

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    You have to do what you have to do. Accepting yourself for who you are sometimes takes time.

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    Yup. Like others have said, it just took time.

    I can't even really recall a time when I felt ashamed...not that I miss it. ^^

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    I always hated myself after the grand experience was "over". I think after all those years, adisc has helped. I grew up in some tough, poor neighborhoods where you were supposed to be tough. Wearing and wetting diapers didn't fit into that mindset, yet the desire was extremely strong. I was always in conflict when I was younger. Now I just lay back and enjoy every minute of it.

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    I spent a while thinking that if I just binged for a few days I'd get it out of my system. (Can you tell I'm a parent?) Then I would go through a kind of purge where I wouldn't wear for weeks (never threw anything away, though, good cloth diapers.) At some point I recognized that I wasn't going to grow out of it -) I still don't understand and it still seems wierd, but it sure feels good. And does a lot for my mood.

    --Feed your beast, but don't let it eat you.

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