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Thread: new here ^^; *blushes*

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    Default new here ^^; *blushes*

    Hihi *waves* My name is Lucca. or well its not my real name so much as a nickname. but it's what everyone calls me, online and in real as well. ^^

    I have been slowly learning about infantilism for about two years now. i decided to join this community to be able to interact with others more than just the babyfur fandom. ^^

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    Pounces a Lucca!!! HAI... oh... by the way you probably know me as LilMonkeyAlex. But i am sure you recognize the avatar. Welcome to Adisc!!

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    Ello there Lucca, and welcome to ADISC. Learning tis always a good thing, and hopefully some of the people and threads, and blogs, and etc. can help with the learning even more =p. I had to do a bit of profile stalking to find your interests (don't worry, a lot of people miss that part, no-ones going to kill you for it =P), soo a couple general questions, yay!

    Do you have a favorite genre or genres of video games? Anything you are playing currently?
    Do you have a favorite plushy (don't have to be specific)?

    That shouldn't be too bad I hope, have a habit of asking too many questions >.>. Anyways, also wanted to say that is pretty neat that you enjoy doing sewing. Always seems like it'd be something great to be able to do (I just don't have the patience xD). Can see people thinking its a bit weird getting excited over a plushie/toys/etc. but hey, some people would say getting excited over a game or sporting event or coffee or whatever is weird so meh! xD. Besides, growing up is overrated, except the money part xD

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    oh mai issa kitten!! -pounces and cuddles with you- welcome to adisc sis ^^ been here a long time :P

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    Hi Lucca!

    Just curious, when did you 1st start to like diapers/

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    Ish da Kitty. *giggles*
    Hewo and welcome Lucca. *hugs*

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    Hi Lucca! Welcome to ADISC. :3 If you're going to meet nice people within the general *BDL niche, this is the place to do it. <3

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    Welcome aboard Lucca, you must be some damn important guy for having an entire city named after you!

    Lucca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Quote Originally Posted by quattrus View Post
    Welcome aboard Lucca, you must be some damn important guy for having an entire city named after you!

    Lucca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I think you missed that the province it's in is named after him as well xD.

    Welcome to ADISC, Lucca. I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before, but I just can't think of it...

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