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Thread: Do you use vintage diapers?

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    Question Do you use vintage diapers?

    Well? Do you? I've seen a few threads in recent months mourning the passage of diaper-time and going on and on about how, for example, the old Attends were so much better than the current ones, cloth-like covers suck, "I remember when...", etc. It goes without saying that the older babies among us are more prone to this.

    eBay abounds with decades-old Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs, as well as adult diapers like Attends, and sometimes even previous versions of AB/DL diapers. They're seldom cheap, but for those who remember them they're surely quite tempting! So... vote! And tell us what you've found/bought/used.

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    I have some old plastic luvs left yet and it is a struggle to not use them. They don't without modification, so that makes it a little easier. Sometimes I do give in and it is HEAVEN.

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    My first diapers when i was 15 were the vintage attends with the 6 blue tapes. I have gone through a ton of thrift stores to try and find some, to no avail. I would absolutely love to find some, but i just cant justify spending $200 on a pack when i know they wouldnt last long!

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