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Thread: Good evening everyone

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    Red face Good evening everyone

    Hello all zyrida here, I am currently in my first year of high school and am quite an avid gamer/reader my favorite game would have to be a game called mabinogi but it is currently dieing saddly. My favorite book series is the inheritance series.

    As of yet I have never tried wearing a diaper but after having recently found my seal plushy it's really fun to cure up with him and read :p

    I joined this website looking for support, a unique fun community, and to hopefully help myself to stop being to shy.

    (sorry for grammar mistakes)

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    Good evening Zyrida! if you are looking for support and fun then you've probably come to the right place =P. I can understand the shyness aspect, I'm incredibly shy most places, online or otherwise xD. Just post a bit, find some interesting discussions and so forth and pretty soon you'll probably wonder why you were ever shy here to begin with (I know =P). Obviously no rush of course though. Almost forgot, but nice intro as well! and don't worry about the grammar mistakes, at least to me they don't seem pretty noticeable so I wouldn't worry much. =p

    If you do not mind me asking, what is mabinogi?

    Well, hope you have a good day, and enjoy your time here. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask either here, around the forums, or what not. Byes

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    Hi Zyrida!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    The good news is you will be able to figure out what kind of diapers you really want to buy (thanks to all of the postings and such here) so your 1st purchase isn't a disappointment!

    We have lots of gamers here! (many popular games have their own groups here!)

    Welcome to ADISC! Enjoy the journey!

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