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    I debated posting this, but do you do this at all? I know it can also be called "baby talk" & having read a lot of LG & sissy stories where it is a common thing to see!! Do you find it more cute or annoying when it is used?

    i.e. sorry = sowwy, thanks = fanks or where "s" becomes a "th" sound!!

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    I do this in roleplay if I'm playing a younger character, or if I want to sound cute ^_^; If I were to be cared for by a sibling of mine in real life, I'd probably lisp a little, yeah.

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    I do it a lot; mostly in im. But i hate it when it goes so far you can't understand what the person is typing.

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    I never got the impression that role player types even noticed….or cared not, if they did….that others could not read their posts. I think that statement says it all for me

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    This sounds like a general *B question. Most *B RP that I've seen (particularly the unwanted kinds in comments on a picture or something) involves lisping.

    As I would consider "sissy/LG" to be (to a large degree, at least) a subset of *B, then yeah it'll be in there. That's kind of like asking of sissies or LGs wear diapers or use pacifiers...

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    I do a little when trying to be cute, but not all the time. I do find it a bit annoying if it's done constantly. But it is fun

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    I do it often enough when RPing with friends, but I wouldn't really do it in larger groups or in RL because some people would find it annoying. I guess a lot of the cuteness would be gone too with my extremely non-babyish voice, too, which is another reason I'd avoid it in RL.

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