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Thread: Wife wants me to get blood transfusion

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    Default Wife wants me to get blood transfusion

    She wants to make me AB-

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    Give it a whirl, you might like it. Let her baby you, it'll be relaxing. Besides, do you know how many guys would love to have thier wives play along?

    Sorry, post a hateful response to my advice but I'm not seeing a downside here???

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    what does that have to do with a blood transfusion???

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    Blood Type: AB-

    AB = Adult Baby

    ^ = Joke, saying his wife wants to change his blood from "Adult Baby" to "Adult Baby Negative."

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    Oh? I misunderstood. She wants you to stop? Bummer, that's definatly a tough one.

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    Setsuya, you are correct, it was just a joke. I tend to revert to silly sarcasm, especially when I'm feeling low.

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    that's what i thought... but idk, i'm not good at recognizing facetiousness.

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