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    Who here likes to do homework? I presume not very many. Right now I want to do homework. Maybe I'm going crazy? I don't know.

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    You're not crazy... I've been bored enough myself to feel like tackling other people's homework. I say, go find something constructive to do!

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    Lukie, remind me a bit later and you can do some of mine. I just finished (most of) my homework. (the stuff I have to do yet I don't understand what's the assignment so I'd not be able to tell you what to do)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanfordhawks View Post
    Who here likes to do homework? I presume not very many. Right now I want to do homework. Maybe I'm going crazy? I don't know.
    I despised homework! Admittedly, I watched WAY too much of the boobtube instead of studying when still in school. Not doing homework was one of the main reasons I failed the 10th grade because in my HS it counted as 1/3 your grade. With passing being 70%, you can do the math and see no homework = no pass. No lie! Needless to say, I learned my lesson on doing home work the hard way. I hope you'll stay motivated to do yours and not suffer the consequences as I did.


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    Who in the world would like homework? I think it's the whole mandatory thing that turns people off in many cases, rather than the assignments themselves. So that might be why we sometimes don't mind helping other people with their homework, or are willing to research something on our own and write up our opinions on adisc, but make it homework that has to be handed in tomorrow and it becomes a chore. This is why I don't favor mandatory reading times for elementary school students.

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    I understand that mandatory thing perfectly. When I was in primary school I had to read for half an hour every day. And I hated it. Even if I enjoyed the book I never read more then I had too, because I was forced to do it. I've had difficulty reading a book ever since. They made reading a chore for me, as opposed to something to enjoy. I still haven't recovered from it, and even though I love books and stories, I still hate reading as an action.

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    I never liked doing homework. Even if it was something that was probably enjoyable to do, I was still all "Grr, I have homework!" I find myself working much better in classes rather than on my own at home. Eve though I'm in college now and most of my homework isn't boring to do, I still feel kinda "Ehh" about it just for the fact that it's just that...homework. Haha.

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    I don't like to do it...Since I'm in college now, it's not mandatory...So I haven't really done it for Math (which I probably should...)...And for History, I do the reading we have to do, since that's like...Easier? Sure...

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    A few thousand years ago, when I did homework, I would start on it as soon as I hit the house, I would go sit down on the couch and stay there untill it was done even on friday when I could have put it off for a few days.

    Get it done and over with as soon as you can, and you have the rest of the night or weekend to do as you please.

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    But homework makes us all better learners!

    Homework in my secondary school was a joke, I often finished my maths homework in class while the homework was being explained... The rest of the "home" work got done at school. So I rarely enjoyed it, but it didn't really bother me.

    College homework was fine. Writing essays for homework is fun, and maths homework is alright too. I like homework that is worthwhile, like maths homework is necessary and if you don't do it you are likely to get a lower grade because the homework is important revision. Same with all subjects, you only get out of it what you put in.

    I do hate "homework for the sake of homework" that we sometimes got in high school. If it's not necessary, if I'm not gaining anything, then why bother? Some teachers just like to make you do homework so you suffer...

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