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    what is the best baby diaper you guys have ever worn?

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    CVS Explorers, They had so much SAP they could soak up an ocean and got really squshie plus they had Baby Snoopy on them. Last time I got some the changed to CVS Supreme and not qyite as good.

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    Size 6 luvs. Only baby diaper that's ever fit me without modification.

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    Of course pampers baby dry T6, the ones than were sold in Italy until 2009... I can fit in them without even modifying...! They are reeeeally absorbent, and they also give a _fantasic_ feeling when they're wet!! I still have a few of them, I was lucky to make a small stock before the new ones came out...

    ... And the new ones are really horrible!! Lower waist, less absorbent... I think they made them because of the underjams: too many little kids were using the old baby-dry to deal with bedwetting. Making the new ones smaller, pampers increased the market range for underjams...

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    Lately I go back and forth, sometimes it's pampers, sometimes it's Luvs. My favorite of all time were the old pampers phases. I came across them one time when I was at a friend's house in my early teens. His little brother was potty training and his mom kept diapers in the bathroom. I couldn't resist trying one on, and was completely spellbound when it fit! What a day, my fantasies often go back to that time.

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    Not to change the subject here, but has anyone ever tried the Bentley XXL baby diapers that are sold on ebay? Ive been wondering if they are larger than pampers 6.

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