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Thread: Wow *sigh*, My own stupidity never fails to impress me.

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    Default Wow *sigh*, My own stupidity never fails to impress me.

    Okay, well lets just start this off with a couple facts. I am 15 years old. In the wonderful state of Missouri you must be 16 to have a driver's liscense.

    Well, my mom just got a new Prius, which means our black 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, is all mine! So, anyways. Last night, we went out to a place known as Lookout Trail, the muddiest damn thing youve ever seen. Anyways, I was with a few of my friends. It was me, and two others in a Blazer, while my other friends were in various other trucks and 4x4's up ahead of us. Now, to put it lightly, the driver of the Blazer... Is...Well... a PUSSY! We didnt go thru the trail at all, and that little part we did, was not fun, because he didnt go fast. So, were all bummed, and me and the two others decide were going to go mudding sometime soon.

    So now we get to today. I wake up, and have the brilliant idea of "Hey! I have a Jeep, its a 4x4! Why not take it mudding!" (Oh, and by the way, we are not in any way "Rednecks", just for the record). So then I go outside, and see the front right tire is flat, with a big old nail in it, which I got from going on a little "joyride" the other day. Ughh. So I call my friends up, and told them my plan, but that we had a flat tire. So they came up with the brilliant idea to just put some of that green goo shit in the tire to stop the leak! So, we do that, drive to a gas station, very slow mind you, and fill er' up. Works like a charm! So we drove around a little more, just to double check our ghetto fix, and everything seemed fine. So its seven p.m. now, and it starts raining, pretty hard too. We were thinking, "Oh, this is perfect! The trail is going to be SUPER MUDDY!". So we hang out a while, until fast forward to about ten thirty. We hop in the car, all of us very anxious about the fun times that we are about to experience. So my 16 year old friend, drives out there. Once we arrive to the trail, which is about 23 miles out of town, me and him switch seats, so I can drive, and have the fun! I thought, hey, its my car, if anyone is going to **** it up, its gonna be me! So we go up the massive, hill, hit turns, basically drift on mud, go thru water, just having a blast! Now, mind you, all of this with a nail in a tire with some goo in it! So we get stuck a few times, and my friends are COVERED in mud from helping get unstuck in some parts. So we pull off of the trail (its raining pretty hard at this point). I feel like driving home (definately not the smartest thing, considering if I got nailed for whatever reason, id have to wait until im 18 to get my liscense, but... meh.) So im driving along, and not thirty seconds in to it, we hear a "THUMP,THUMP,THUMP". Shit. We all looked at each other and knew what it was. My heart sank. We pull over onto this gravel drive way, so were off the road, at midnight. We look at it and its COMPLETELY, and i mean completely flat. If i would of gone any further, i probably would have ****ed up the rim. So, we all know we have to go to the house down there, and ask for help.

    So, I go down, and knock on the door. We wait for a minute, and a friendly looking older couple, probably mid sixties, answers the door. We tell them how sorry we were to bug them, if they could help us, you know. So they kindly tell us that they'd be right out, much to our relief. So we wait, and the man comes, out, and is very nice to us, asked us what happened. Now, we didnt really tell him the truth, we said that we were out at a friends house who lived out here (there was a friend that really did live out there, but a ways away.) So, he comes and inspects the damage. He see's the car COVERED in mud, and asks if we got lost. We kinda, chuckled, all thinking "Uhhh....", I told him that we turned on the wrong road, and almost got stuck (which is partially true). So, in short, we change the tire, with a lot of hassle, but get it back on, and thats that. So now I am sitting here writing this, all this happened about three hours ago.

    I guess my point is, thank the Lord that there are truly kind and wonderful people out there. Because, I dont think that I would have been that nice to a bunch of kids, knocking on my door at twelve thirty in the morning! It just really makes you stop and think, like, wow. So now, I am going to go and do something nice for someone, even if I dont want to.

    So, now, looking back on it, it really ranks up the there on my dumbest things ever list, "Hey, guys! Lets go mudding on a flat tire, if we put some goo in it, itll be completely fine! Oh, and I am not 100% sure on how I am going to explain a car, that I shouldnt be driving, is covered in mud.... Well, actually in Missouri, if you have your permit, which I do, you can drive with a direct relative thats over 21. My mom thinks it just has to be with someone who has a licsense, however, a cop might beg to differ. But I'm still stuck with explaining a muddy ass car, with a spare on it! Dont worry, ill keep you updated.
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    Interesting storry. ^_^ The only thing I don't understand about the green goo stuff is how it actually stop air from getting out of a flat tire. I never could figure it out. >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicPie View Post
    Interesting storry. ^_^ The only thing I don't understand about the green goo stuff is how it actually stop air from getting out of a flat tire. I never could figure it out. >_>
    Well, I guess, it works its way to the hole and seals it off, not too sure tho.

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    My only reaction is that this is a good example of why many states are beginning to require teens to be 17 before they can get their licenses, and are handing out restricted licenses that limit the number of teens who can be in the vehicle with the driver. And yes, thank goodness for nice people. I still remember the cop who laughed at me when I made a wrong turn on my way to the mall and wound up on a military base. Good thing that was pre-9/11 or I probably would've been shot.

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    If that rim has any value get that tire off there and clean it up, that goop will just about weld that tire to the wheel, if you let it stand long enough.

    That stuff is made to be a temp. fix untill you can ge the tire repaired, and if anyone out there has a newer car, with Tire Pressuer Sensors, don't put that stuff in your tires, or you will need a new sensor, for that wheel, and some of them are quite pricy.

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    Well at least you know you went wrong. :s

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