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Thread: Odor control in public?

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    Default Odor control in public?

    How do you control the smell if you decide to wet in public?

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    "grin" that's their problem, not mine.

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    At least to me, wetting doesn't matter. Idunno. I wet all the time in public, in depends which says enough o__o, and I've never even experienced a head turn.. But I could have some like non-potent subtly-smelling pee or something. I dunno.

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    Generally, you don't need to. Urine doesn't smell THAT strongly. Most diapers are designed to supress smells.

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    I've never worried about it too much. I only go out in a dry nappy, and wouldn't stay out for longer than a few hours.

    I can't stand the smell of perfume or after-shave and I physically gag or feel like I'm almost choking if it's too strong. I really think people should be more considerate and not force others to smell *anything* with a strong odour.

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    I guess I'll just drink water when im out and want to wet. Water almost eliminated the smell in my experience.

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    I've never wet in public, but the couple times I've actually been around someone in public (who did wet), I don't remember there ever being a smell really. I'm not much of a urine expert to say the least, but when not in diapers, I've only noticed pee smelling if it sits at least a few hours, or something else is making it smell (Asparagus, coffee, etc.). Though, of those you'd only have to worry about the asparagus is smell got out, I don't think anyone smelling coffee is going to have a first thought of "I wonder if someone wet" =P.

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    A wet diaper doesn't smell too bad if you're healthy and drinking enough water. Using baby powder and plastic pants will really help to prevent any smell that does exist too (although you might end up smelling of baby powder instead).

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    It can depends of what type of diaper you wear.

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