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Thread: Taking off the cloth cover.

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    Default Taking off the cloth cover.

    I've heard of people doing it, and I want to try it, but I'm not sure entirely how.

    I have a pack of the newest goodnites, and I cut a small hole in the cloth, attempting to pull it away, but it didn't work.

    Can any of you help me, or tell me if it's even possible with this confound new diapers?

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    Start at the top of the front of the diaper, on the waistband. It should come apart easier there. Once you can grasp it a bit just rip it off. Whenever I take it off I've been modifying other diapers so I rip off everything, that probably makes it way easier, but the point is that it may be attached in a few places like at the sides. Should just rip right off though...

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    Pamperchu posted a video a while back showing, among other things, how to remove the cloth cover from Pampers. Same basic idea as removing the cover from Goodnites and UnderJams. Here's the video.

    Hope that helps! (If so, credit Pamperchu, not me!)

    In short: No need to poke holes. Rather, you just find a place long the edge of the diaper where the cover and underlying plastic can be separately grasped and then you pull them apart.

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    Ah, thanks so much. ;w; It's so much better without that annoying hitchy cloth.

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