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    Anyone here use software or programming for statistics? I'm in a biostats class, and we're using Excel and Stata. On the side, I am doing my homework in R as well, hoping to pick that up since it's a powerful open source language with other applications besides stats.

    Any advice on learning R or Stata from you programmers or math geeks out there?

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    I do not know R.

    However, a number of my classmates are in the process of learning it now (I took the class with a different prof who does not teach R as part of his version of the class). Apparently, UCLA has a really good technical library online with self-help resources for many major software packages. Also, R apparently has a pretty steep learning curve (in the words of the prof that is teaching it now, and judging from the many curses of it I've been hearing from classmates).

    Like I said, as it turns out, I sort of dodged a bullet (or missed out on a really great opportunity), but hopefully I've at least aimed you in a direction. Good luck!

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