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Thread: Anyone else here like to sleep in a wet diaper?

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    Default Anyone else here like to sleep in a wet diaper?

    It's so much better than a dry one in my opinion, all wet and warm and bulky, like a squishy cushion.

    Anyone else enjoy this?

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    It depends. If it is too wet, I can't get to sleep and have to change. On the other hand, if I wet it a bit before I fall asleep, I'll wake up to a squishy night diaper and feel like a little girl that hasn't had a dry night.

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    Yes I do, but not if it is too wet, at the brink of leaking.
    That would only keep me awake.

    Nothing like a warm, cuddly diaper at night

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    nothin like a squishy warm diaper for sleepy time =^.^=

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    For me it depends really on the situation....
    on one hand if its a regular night ill prefer a dry diaper over a wet diaper any day
    but lets say im cold as hell, im about to sleep, and I need to go, then sure itll fulfill two wants, the need for warmth(a little eww there lol) and the need to go
    So yeah overall not really into night time wet...........

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    I enjoy the warmness in my diapers when they're wet but not to the point where it's going to leak.

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    I like to wake up wet so yeah I prefer to go to sleep wet, if I plan it well I can wet before I go to sleep and then when I wake up there is still enough room left for my morning pee, which is always really nice

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    I like to just get the front of my GoodNite wet before I sleep and then upon waking up, have enough room to do my morning business and enjoy it for a bit then shower and change.

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    Define "sleeping in a wet diaper" if you mean falling asleep in a dry diaper but waking up in a wet diaper, I love that, I am slowly having a few more of those now, but only about once every other week to once a week, I would not mind it more often.

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    Yep, actually fits & feels more comfortable when it is a little wet for some reason.

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