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Thread: What do online friends families and relationships mean to you?

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    Default What do online friends families and relationships mean to you?

    Many people here and over the internet have friends, family, and mates.

    I take these relationships quite seriously, as I don't base them only on R.P.'s or simple "Hi, how are you?"'s. I actually care a lot more than that, to the point of willingly giving part of myself to the people I love. Do I really love these peoples? Yes, I empathize with these sweet people, and it's reciprocate, where both me and others gain from each other experiences and stories. And when need help, I can turn to these people to cradle me and help me think straight. Every night somebody makes me smile ^^

    What's your point of view? What online relationships do you have? :P

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    I absolutely love my online family, and I will through thick and thin. I have a small *B/DL family of brothers and sisters that I've known for a long time now, and I can honestly say that I'd take a bullet for each one of them. Yes, we roleplay a lot, but that's not the foundation of our relationships. I love them for who they are, and vice versa. They'll listen to me when I have a bad day, and they'll give me the picker upper I need to get through the next. I honestly can't thank them enough for how much love and care they've shown me.

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    I feel that online relationships can be just as powerful as a real life one. Although it does get lonely when all your friends are online and you spend your day in front of the computer screen. I have made many good friend both inside this kink and outside that have been a terrific support system. I also met my ex boyfriend and my current boyfriend online. Both lead to some kind of real life interaction as well. However, i have had boyfriends online only, and they meant as much to me as the real life ones did.

    There is a ridiculous amount of stigma attached to online relationships. Be it friends, family, or romantic. Mostly the older generations feel this way. They feel that texting and instant messaging is less than face to face. But a lot of times its more. It is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to say something from behind a computer screen, where you can pretend to not get a message, or pretend to make a typo or just ignore someone until something embarrassing blows over, than it is to say it to their face. At least that's how I feel.

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    I'm always very nervous with meeting/talking to new people and I always feel they don't really like talking to me, at least that's how I feel, rather it's true or not I couldn't tell you. But when I make a real friend online I think of them like my family, I love them, I feel their happiness, their pain, their joys and sadness, I get angry with them, laugh with them & want to be there for them. I don't have many friends, ok I have no friends in real life, my only true best friend, no not friend, my Brother passed away 2 years ago and left me alone except my ex roommate who I only see once a year. So when I meet someone online I want to treat them like I would in real life & hope the feeling is mutual.

    I know i'm rambling, I just wanted to talk

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    when you get to be my age in real life your on line family is all you have. and yes they are as powerful as a real life family. i would also lay down my life for them. i will spend the better part of a day 8 to10 hours on line just to be with them. my on line sister has helped me through manny of hard times in real life. and i have returned favor. i have a lot of on line sons and daughters that rely on me as a mentor. that means the world to me. i am always willing to adopt another on line family member i have a lot of knowlege and have been around the world twice in real life. have seen and done a lot of things.

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    depending on how it goes I could easily treat them as well as a best friend or a very close family member. Though that takes years and people who are in it for a short term relationship or worse weed themselves out. Plus even then I actually have to like the person. Just talking doesn't cut it.

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    I find it very hard to consider someone I ONLY know from the internet as a true friend. Indeed, even though there are nowadays so many ways to speak to someone without meeting face to face, to me it just doesn't seem to be the same. I have a lot of friends I met online, but the best times with them are always when we meet up and do stuff together.

    But I'm probably kind of spoiled since I can easily meet up IRL within 4 hours with anyone who speaks my native language. =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Albasion View Post
    I find it very hard to consider someone I ONLY know from the internet as a true friend. Indeed, even though there are nowadays so many ways to speak to someone without meeting face to face, to me it just doesn't seem to be the same.
    This is pretty much how I feel. However, funny thing is, I met my wife online in a chat room. Somewhere about 4 years or so later we were married, and are still married.

    However, when it comes to on-line friendship, I am very cautious and suspicious of ulterior motives. I'm not big into being 'popular', I seek quality not quantity. I'm not snobbish, but it takes me a while to place a significant amount of trust into someone I've never met face to face. If we talk online and you never respond, but instead, leave me hanging indefinitely. I wont make a big deal of it, but I will stand back and quietly cut you loose.

    just my

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    they're important to me especially if I have constant connection with them (messaging,skype,whatever). It's like having a friendship in person. I typically write with the same words and tone that I talk in real life so I assume that it's the same for everyone else. So all and all it's important.

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    Let me just say that I am closer to my online friends than I have ever been to any IRL friends.

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