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Thread: What part?

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    Default What part?

    What part of the diaper do you like the most?

    The feeling of it around your legs? Around your butt?
    the front part? The Thickness?

    Got any other part I did not mention?

    For me I like...

    • Around the legs
    • Around the butt
    • some part of the front
    • The Thickness

    Lets here your story!

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    I suppose I just like it when it hugs me closely without gapping. It's a very comforting feeling ^^

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    I like the feeling of bulk between my legs mostly. The front and thickness run a close second.

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    I also like the thickness between my legs,and i love the butt part of the diapers

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    The thickness between my legs, and the front.

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    My favorite part by far has got to be the crinkle factor. It cant be too loud!!

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    The thickness between my legs. I have only warn one in public a couple of times but I like wearing one in public knowing I have one and no one else knows. Sometimes I well wet myself in public places or stores. I like a wet diaper, i drink as much as I can and let it all out. I love the squishy warmth of it. I like to sit down and squish it around or rub it against me. I also love the crinkle of the plastic on the outside of the diaper. It's sad that Its hard to find diapers that still have a plastic backing but there out there. I also love the thickness of the hole thing. I want as thick of diaper as possible.

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    @OutdoorHiker, has attends that are plastic backed and Dry 24/7 and also abena xplus are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejh7070 View Post
    @OutdoorHiker, has attends that are plastic backed and Dry 24/7 and also abena xplus are.
    Thanks ejh7070 I found Attends Briefs with Waistband at Walgreens with free shipping and 25% off.. But cant order now as I will be gone all week next week. I will order them late next week so I have a case when I get home to test out. Thanks I will probably try Abena Xplus as I have herd good things.

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    Not sure the price for walgreens but xpmedical is reasonable when it comes to pricing.

    A case of attends with waistband attends 10 as they are called are $66.95 at xpmedical,
    Also xpmedical has abena xplus case $59.95

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