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    once in a while, usually as a result of school and real world bad stuff, i feel less babyish and less sissyish. i want to always in the mood to be one. so if any exist, what songs are good to listen to that would make me feel more like a baby and like a sissy?

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    I dont know about baby or sissy-ish per say. But when ever I'm in the mood to drag, I always listen to "Teenage Queen" by Aiden.

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    listened to it, but idk. not my sort of thing O.o thanks for the thought though

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    "You're a Little Baby" by the Poo Fighters. Okay, just kidding. I don't think there is a specific song, but rather one you would have to discover that would push your baby buttons. You should go to a Toys R Us and look in their CD collection. I would guess that they would sell a number of CDs with nursery rhymes and other childish songs.

    I know what you're saying about having a hard day, or having a lot of worry, and having that ruin the mood. When I'm worrying about my wife's health, I feel much more like an adult, the one who has to take care of her, and a lot less like the toddler who wants to be taken care of. As far as littlish music goes, I don't think I have any. Ironically, I'm a professional musician, but this isn't something I've explored.

    What might be quite nice is a CD of music box music which played kid's nursery music or something for little ones to sleep by, perhaps some lullabies and waltzes. I had a Kindergarten teacher who would play a recording of Brahm's "Waltz in A flat Major" when we were napping. They work very well.

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    that makes a lot of sense, and yeah, at school theres just work, gross jokes, and rap. rap is good and all but not for babies. and yeah, when something goes wrong or is going in that direction i sorta snap into grown-up mode. i tried the Brahm Waltz thing, and yeah its pretty good.

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