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Thread: Do your friends know you are wearing diapers?

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    Default Do your friends know you are wearing diapers?

    I have been liking diapers since i was 6 and till now, i couldn't find someone who has this interest as well and so i've been feeling discouraged and weird about my desire. What's your opinion and can you share your experience if any?

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    I also felt weird and discouraged until I found a vibrant online community and discovered that there are many like me all around the world. No my friends don't know but then I don't normally wear around them (only done that once and it was at night). When I wear a diaper it is usually something private for me and I don't want other people to know.

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    My close friends know.

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    My ABDL friends know because they know I'm 24/7, so it's a bit of a given

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    I've one friend only who knows and even wore one for me and let mt take pics. Sadley I havent seen her in two years.

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    ... Only my best friend knows... I'm so happy I told him, and so lucky he understood... He even informed about the subject...!
    Doing like this, he gave me a lot of courage; that made me accept who I am!

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    None of my friend know when I'm wearing no. But they do know about my DL side

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    Butterfly Mage


    Some of my close friends know, since it's hard to be IC and share a hotel while on vacation and not having one's friend know. Since I don't flaunt wearing diapers (they stay just as concealed as anyone else's underwear), it's no big deal.

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    Some of my friends know and they totally support it. Which is nice. One of my neighbors knows as well. I told her cause i knew I could trust her.

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    I also discovered that I liked nappies when I was pretty young - around 5 years old. I remember thinking about them a lot in secondary school and wondering if there was anyone else in the UK that felt the same way... Most of the time I convinced myself that, statistically, there *had* to be someone else... And then I'd feel lonely and change my mind, thinking I was the only one.

    It was a bit of a shock when I got Internet access in the early 90s and found the DPF chat rooms...

    I've always wanted to be open about wearing nappies -- I even convince myself that it's fairly normal and not a big deal... But it is weird no matter how normal I think it is... If one of my friends told me that he goes everywhere in black lace lingerie with a vibrating butt plug up his a**e then, I would be thinking of nothing except erasing such thoughts from my mind! I really wouldn't want to know!

    It would be a weight of my mind to tell everyone and tell them to just deal with it or f*** off! But... it wouldn't really change anything... my friends just don't need to know and I don't need to tell them...

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