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    Not Mature, but some people might NOT WANT to read so I put it here.

    Anyhow, has anyone noticed the weird feeling you get for the 4 days after you cut yours, this might be due to the cutting method I use, scissors. Seems to work well enough. Get the weird feeling with Clippers, because I figure I might as well do it because as well as something else, I am above average.

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    From your photo in your avatar I can see how this may be a needed regime. However, I can't say I've ever trimmed mine.. they're just so short and you can't even see them, perhaps due to the resources consumed by that something else to keep it extra above average.

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    I'm lucky not to have noticeable nasal hair. My dad does and it was so bad someone got him a trimmer as a joke. He actually uses it now, much to the surprise of the person who got it.

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    I trim mine with scissors, too, Never had any weird feelings that I've noticed. I've thought about getting one of those round mini shavers for trimming nose and ear hair, eyebrows, etc. When you get older, hair seems to grow everywhere but where you want it.:wink:


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    I pull mine out with tweezers, and use a trimmer attachment sometimes, but they stay gone longer with the tweezer method, same thing with the stray hairs near my ear hole.

    It only hurts for a few seconds.

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    This is kinda sick... but yeah...tweezers FTW. Unkempt nose hairs are one thing that I cannot stand in people... especially men. It looks so disgusting.

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