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    So I ordered a box of ABU Cushies and decided to pay the extra for the "Baby Scent" thinking hey this could be pretty nice!! Well I got my order today and I must say I was sorely disappointed in this I personally found the scent to be very over powering and unpleasant to even be around.

    Now I know this is just me but what is everyone else's thoughts on the Baby Scent?

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    Back when i ordered (past tense) from ABU, i found the scent to be a little overpowering at first, but let them air out for a day or so and the smell will dwindle down.

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    You can find baby smelling scents in essential oils and even perfume to spray around when you want. The cost factor is much cheaper when you spray.

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    Does it smell like real baby diapers but too strong or does it smell different? I bought the Adult Baby MommiesScents from ebay and was very disappointed that they didn't smell like real baby diapers. If I use more than a few drops on anything the smell is overpowering and very unpleasant so I wonder if ABU just uses the scents from mommiesscents or if they have their own supplier for diaper scents.

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    I'm not sure how to explain the smell, but it sure doesn't remind me of a real baby diaper, it's just strong. It's starting to wear a bit since i opened them yesterday so still hoping it will mellow out and be better

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    That's the main complaint I've heard about it, that it's too strong. I talked to a guy that got a bottle of the baby scent from ABU (not sure if they still sell it separately), but he had to throw it out because it was inside a plastic bag inside a drawer, but it made his entire apartment smell like the scent.

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