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Thread: Pampers Scent in Room

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    Default Pampers Scent in Room

    Hello all!
    I hear alot of people talking about how pampers still have a strong smell like they used to, while adult diapers generally do not (the ABU diapers excluded). Unfortunately for me, there is absolutely 0 chance of me fitting into a real baby diaper. However i have heard people say that sometimes even the bag of pampers can be hard to hide because of the smell? Is this true? If so, would it be possible to just buy a package, open it up, and just leave it sitting in the corner of the room or something to make my bedroom have the smell? Or are they not THAT strongly scented? Id really like some way to enjoy that awesome scent on a regular basis, even tho i stick mostly to dry 24/7's. Any thoughts?

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    Your room won't smell too strongly, but pampers (and Luvs as well) do have a very strong smell -- the smell even permeates the packaging. Depending on how big your room is, you might have a light smell, but I've never had a package of diapers drastically change the smell of my room.

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    Actually, if you buy a package and remove some of the baby diapers (but not all) and put in some of your adult diapers, surrounded by the scented baby ones, it might make the adult diaper have a faint smell when you take it out. Not sure if it would work, but would be interesting to try.

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    I think ill give it a whirl (and also try what you suggested zeph) and see what happens. I bet if I put it next to the baseboard heater in the room it might help it work even better (its on alot as its still pretty cold here). Ill let you know if i have any luck

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    Does it really make adult diapers smell like baby diapers to put them in the same box together? And how long does the scent last in pampers and luvs? I bought some diaper fresh scent from ebay and was so disappointed that it didn't really smell like baby diapers; it had the right idea and you can tell what they were trying to do, but it just isn't the same.

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    I gave it a shot but it was pretty underwhelming, maybe its because i got the extra protection pampers, or maybe my perpetually stuffy nose (allergies) but i can barely smell the diapers in general. Are the extra protection ones less scented than the normal Baby Dry? Either way it doesnt seem very effective, unless i maybe had an airtight diaper container to mix them in (i just use a dresser drawer).

    patrick- you said that the diaper scent from ebay isnt any good? I was considering getting it, but won't if it's lame. Does it not smell babyish? Or does it just not smell like pampers specifically?

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    I got some of the baby fresh sents off ebay. 3 different sents for around $40. one smelled like pampers, one like luvs, and one like baby powder. I will take a picture of them today when I get some time.

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    I'm not ripping on anyone with this post.

    Just a word of warning though, the ABU "Nursery Scent" is a little overwhelming. It is not something you want to get if you are living with someone or hiding them from someone. It's close to the Pampers scent, but not as close as I wanted them to be. It smells more like an air freshener than a diaper.

    I was totally freaked out because when I put the box in which it was delivered into my car, the whole vehicle reeked of the scent within two minutes. I thought I might of had to just throw them away because there was no way I could hide them in my closet, but I found my courage and snuck them inside.

    The smell comes from a "Scent Strip" in which I removed, chopped up, and flushed down my toilet. The smell seems to be dissipating from my room now that the strip is gone and they are locked away, but my bed, my chair, and my PJ's still reek of that smell.. I'm hoping the smell clears from the diapers too.

    I like their idea, but i think it needs some work. We do not need something else to hide about our diapers. hehehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    I got some of the baby fresh sents off ebay. 3 different sents for around $40. one smelled like pampers, one like luvs, and one like baby powder. I will take a picture of them today when I get some time.
    I had no idea this sort of thing even existed! Cool

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    Try essential oils and they do offer baby fresh etc. scents. The spray works well and the smell lasts a long time. Just search and you will find a lot of options. Do I dare say Hayward enterprises and not take a hit.

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