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Thread: Your Cigar & Drink choice for relaxing.

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    Default Your Cigar & Drink choice for relaxing.

    So last night I was enjoying a CAO Gold Lonsdale Connecticut and sipping on a straight double Buffalo Trace & I started wondering who else here enjoys a good cigar and drink while relaxing a lazy night away?

    Me personally I love Cigars and have ever since I was 15, sitting outside at night sipping on a "beverage" with my dad and just talking, something we didn't do often enough sadly. At the moment I just have a 60 count Humidor Walnut with Ebony finish, Beveled glass top and Spanish cedar lined. I keep in my closet where it's warmest and easier to control the humidity. I use several different cutters V-cut, Punch & Guillotine cutters depending on my mood and cigar size of course.

    My Cigar's of choice at the moment are:
    Ashton Classic Corona Connecticut
    Padron 2000 Natural Robusto
    CAO LX2 Toro Natural

    My Drink of Choice at the moment is:
    Crown Royal Black
    The Glenlivet (12yo)
    Jameson Irish Whiskey

    So that's me! How about you? What do you enjoy? Are you an occasional Cigar fan or are you a Cigar Aficionado?

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    I dont smoke, but beverage of choice would be an IPA.

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    I dont smoke but my favorite beverage would be lambrini cherry.

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    A bottle of Ron Anejo Pampero Aniversario.

    I'm actually looking for what I should buy as my first box of cigars.

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    I love to wear my pretty diapers while sitting around enjoying an Artura Fuente Hemingway and a Pierre Ferrand Grand Champaign Cognac. Put on some good music, and I'm in heaven.

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    Raucous time with friends:
    cigar: any small, oily maduro will do. I'm also a fan of pipes.
    drink: straight whiskey and a drop of water. Laphroaig and Glenlivet top my list. If I'm at a bar, I'll usually take whatever top shelf whiskey they have. Jim Beam's a pretty good bang for your buck when you're on a budget, though I do prefer scotch to bourbon. I never touch Canadian whiskey as a personal rule :P Canadians do plenty of things well; whiskey isn't one of them IMO.

    Hanging around at home:
    skip the tobacco, drink: hot mulled cider and spiced rum.

    gay bar:
    cigarettes (easier to carry): American Spirit black label.
    drink: gin and tonic, whiskey sour, or sex on the beach.

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    Don't smoke although not against trying a cgiar but my drink would be strawberry and lime Kopparberg cider served ice cold.

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    Tobacco no longer tempts me thankfully but Almaden Mountain Burgundy is a major player in my life right now.

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