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Thread: Tried Dry 24/7's for the first time

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    Default Tried Dry 24/7's for the first time

    Found someone in the UK selling Dry 24/7 samples on eBay last week, so didn't hesitate and ordered a few.

    I've only tried one so far and I think I like them!

    They're certainly thick enough, which I like. The absorbency seems higher than anything else I've tried, certainly much more than an abena M4.

    The only downside seems to be the tapes. They are a little small which isn't great, but the positioning is the worst problem for me. I've got mediums which is my normal size (Abena or Tena), however the top tape seems to be mounted too low which means that it tightens below your hips leaving the back feeling open and loose. A couple of home made tapes added to the top were a real improvement.

    They seem like a brilliant diaper and with a few tweeks in my opinion they could be the best.

    How have other people found them?

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    I tried a sample pack of dry 24/7 and would try at least the sample pack again. Like you I found the back to be to open for my liking and they didn't fit as snug as i like. That being said, that was also 15lb's ago and after i drop another 15 i'll definitely be giving these another try to see if my view on them has improved

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