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Thread: How to (maybe) approach DL.

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    Default How to (maybe) approach DL.

    Short version: friends ex, who at the time was his gf came back from having shower to find him wearing diaper and looking at a chik wearing one...
    How to approach him about this

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    Too short...
    Was the chick nude (the one he was looking at), or like what?
    Give more detail.

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    Hmmm, I'm guessing that you found out from the girlfriend since if he was the one telling you then the ice would already been broken and you could have let him know you were one too. Normally I'd suggest caution when approaching him, especially if you aren't that close of friends. But in this case I think you need to broach the subject right away since he has some damage control to do since his ex is spreading his secret around. Unless she knows you are one too then that wouldn't be as bad. But if she doesn't know about you I'd just lay it all out for him and he'll probably be grateful to have someone to help him through what I'm sure will be a stressful time for him since you might not be the only person she has told.

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    I ashume so MrKittyKat
    He like a bro but everyone laughed when she told the story I did a fake laugh and hid face in hands(I'm sure it was red). By looking at I mean 'getting off to' chick in diaper. No one knows and I'm sure he'd deny it and or laugh.

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    It could even be a fake story. But it'd be nice to know someone who is a dl. I. don't want him to dislike his ex even more.

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    Her story seems believe able. Not many people know about AB/DL so it's not likely she made it up.

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