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Thread: ABDLS and sissys in Las Vegas

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    Default ABDLS and sissys in Las Vegas

    my mom told me that there is allot of AB/Dl and sissys in Vegas! She said she saw it on some Sex Tv years ago but she turned it of she never new I was part of the AB part but alright!

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    I'm from Vegas

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    At a Walmart in Vegas I saw a bunch of girls trying to choose the "best diapers" for their dress-up. I grabbed a pack of Depends max protection and they went silent as stared as I reached in front of them.

    Still wonder to this day 3 years on, what they purchased, what their party was for, and how adorable they must have looked.

    I love Las Vegas :-)

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    I live two hours away in St. George, I used to live in Las Vegas though when i was in Kindergarten. It'd be nice to be there again just for the fact that there is a lot of Ab/Dl's. Nothing against Vegas though, but it also has a lot of crazy things that happen there too. You just can't beat the cheap amazing buffet's though.

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    I'm from Vegas (raised there most of my life). There are a bit there (to my knowledge), but I have only met a couple in person.

    Who knows? Maybe when I'm done with college, I'll go back and see if I can find more. *shrugs*

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    Awesome! =) I am going to Las Vegas for first time ever for few days later this month! Unfortunately, I can't do anything ABDL related since I will be with my mom and my sister. First time in America in 6 years... yep it been that long. =P Sooo, I am really excited!!

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