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Thread: Chior/band

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    Default Chior/band

    Hey i was wondering if any of our members are in chior or band i picked chior becuse its great to me. Im Not good with band i epicly fail at it.

    But what are you in and why?

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    I'm definitely into band. I'd be up for choir sometime.. I actually enjoy singing but I've never been a part of one. I have enjoyed what little singing I've done in band, though. Right now I'm in my 6th year of university band .

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    uhhh none of the above my days lately re all tech theatre..

    i run lights.... but most of my friends are in band.. does that count for anything?

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    I love band. I play the tuba (yes thats the big ass one that everyone thinks is heavy.
    I have been in band for 5 years now and love it. I also used to play the trumpet before the tuba. In my 7th grade year, I got licensed to direct a school band. So say if my teacher was busy, I would direct for the time being.
    I want to be in marching band so bad but I can't because of my damn hip
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    I am in my schools band but is like an actual band not orchestra or marching, mine is just a band as in a drum set, guitars and bass amsp and such.

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    The Jazz Band at my middle school is excellent. People would travel around California to hear them

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    Band is for people who need help making music, choir kids use just themselves.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Manveru View Post

    Band is for people who need help making music, choir kids use just themselves.

    maybe but can a person make a noise as high pitch as a piccolo? or as low as a tuba?


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    I can sing in tune but I am banned from the school choir because the teacher didn't like my voice.

    Been as the only instrument I play is keyboard I don't get into any classical or jazz bands, and I'm not cool enough to be in any rock or pop bands. So I'm not in a band either.

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