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    Iv been wetting the bed off and on since 5-12-2011. I just had my first doctors appointment yesterday about it. Not that hard at all just like a check up.

    Also I'm okay with my bed wetting now. My parents are too ( they buy me Goodnites). My best friend says its no big deal. I actually really don't treat it as a problem or illness just something that happens every night.

    So if you go to the doctors for bed wetting the first visit is most likely going to be filled with questions and a physical/pee test.

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    Just wait for the next visit, prob a urodynamics test,and it ain't fun! it tests how much is goin in and out. How much pressure is in your butt while you push, all while peein in a bucket and all over the floor because theres a cath goin on up there. NOT FUN! and would never do one again.

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    Speaking from the experience of about 8 years of urologist visits your next visit(s) probably aren't going to be so nice. Urodynamics they at least numb you while they cath you, and the rectal sensor isn't to bad, but the VCUG's I've had weren't fun at all. It's extremely painful to have a catheter shoved down your urethra with just a tiny dab of lube.

    Hope all goes well for you either way.

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    Lol you guys are scaring me aha. But all in all if it has to be done then i'm OK with anything. Bed wetting really is not a problem for me. 90% of my friends know that i wet the bed and their OK with it. They can throw any test they want at me. I'm ready for it.



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    Hey do mind if you document your journey through this.
    Ie blog it down when you have the time?

    I'm quite curious to know how it goes. I always see people writing about shoving the catheter, but that's about it.

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    Was your appointment with a GP or urologist? Guess I was lucky, on several occasions my bed-wetting was discussed with our family doctor and it never went further that common sense advise. Then again I grew up in a rural area, expect the nearest urologist was a good hour drive.

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    Pediatrician was who i first saw. Also i will make a blog for this Thanks MrKittyKat.

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    The pain is awful with these tests. Hopefully the bedwetting might just go away.

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    The tests will for sure tell ya whats wrong and how to fix it. The tests are just a little barbearic, and they dont feel to good either no way around it.

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    So just to throw it out there, especially in the case of our teen-aged members, or even younger adults with more chronic bedwetting, if you just wet the bed, without any other urinary issues in the day or major warning signs, you will, in the vast majority of cases not need any of the other more invasive tests people are talking about, in all honesty the most invasive test will probably be a finger stick blood glucose to make sure your not markedly hyperglycemic. The reason for the other tests are usually when there is something else going on, like daytime incontinence in people without a good underlying explanation, urinary hesitancy, weak stream, significantly increased or decreased total voiding episodes/day, or marked urgency. Just wanted to clear that up so people wouldn't necessarily be scared of going to the doctor because of the possibility of invasive tests, and remember you can always so no to a test if you don't want it performed.

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