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Thread: On the Perfect Diaper - or Overall Diaper Satisfaction

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    Default On the Perfect Diaper - or Overall Diaper Satisfaction

    I've been on the hunt for a while for a diaper that's juuust riiight for a while now, and it seems that they just aren't made quite like I would like. Everyone's need or taste is a bit different, as is the available budget.

    Personally, I've tried several off-the-shelf house brands (walgreens, rite-aid, k-mart, etc), molicare super pluss (got lucky one time), and some kendal wings.

    Worst diapers are the cheap house brands - no leg guards, no waist elastic, no "aesthetic artwork".

    Then there is the price issue. I have found name brand baby diapers priced locally for ~ $0.25 ea., house brand adult diapers for ~ $0.40 ea., Depend for ~ $0.60 ea., and online specialty diapers for as much as ~ $1.00 - $3.00 ea.

    Again, everyone's need or taste is different, as is their budget.

    I have read about 'home garage diaper machines' that sell for about the ~$15k-$25k, and am pretty sure that there is a pretty broad skills base among *bdls.

    Anywhoo, who would be interested in owning part of a cooperative diaper factory, where such available, that would produce highly customised, high quality diapers for the holders, at a competitive price??

    Also, regarding manufacturing, I doubt that there are any reeeeaaaally-small scale production machines out there. "Diaper Printer", anyone?

    I don't think anyone 'printing' diapers for their own use would need outputs anything near comercial rates - say, 1 diaper a minute would be adequate to stock a 'stash' adequately in 1-2 hours.

    This would, of course, have to be highly configurable, and rely on small package supplies (ie, tissue, plastic, sap, fluff, glue, ink, adhesive tape/velcro, etc.).

    Then, anyone wanting to have their own ''perfect diaper" could have some made-to-order.

    any robotics buffs out there??

    Key points:

    1.) Part ownership in cooperative conventional factory for high quality, with functional amd specialty products yeah or nea?

    2.) Very small scale 'printer-sized' diaper manufacturing/prototyping machine, yeah or nea?

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    As for me, my perfect diaper for
    a.) everyday usage - leak guards, waist elastic, re-fastenable pull-up or tape-on (6 tape), plain white, cloth-like or plastic, medium thickness (~ 3/4", 15mm)
    b.) special occasions & relaxation - leak-guards, waist elastic, re-fastenable tape-on, with aesthetic single wide tape-appearance but multiple adhesive/hook&loop patches, prints (my taste runs to artwork similar to Marci McAdams' and Shiro's archived furry abdl-themed works), and high thickness (~ 1 1/2", 35mm- 2 1/2", 65mm.

    Yes on question #1, provided initial investment was fairly low.

    Yes on question #2, provided that printer was affordable, that supplies were affordable, and that unit was compact (about the size of large desk-top copy machine)

    Relevant skills to production of question #2: some cad/cam, internet research, some welding/fabrication/mechanic skills.
    Lack of skills for production of question #2: robotics logic, driver/interface programing, sourceability of supplies.

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    In brief, a description of a diaper-printing-machine as referenced above:

    1. Multiple spools of for flat layer material, adjustable for various widths of final products. (back-sheet, top-layer, tissue backing, etc.)
    2. Hopper for SAP
    3. Hopper for fluff
    4. Mixing vat for stuffing
    (2,3, and 4 can be combined if pre-mix stuffing is desired)
    5.) pad forming drum(s) with adjustable widths and spacing
    6.) outline cutting method, highly adjustable. possible laser application
    versus cutting blades as used comercially
    7.) Fastening Tape Attachment
    8.) Reinforcment/hook&loop panel Attachment
    9.) color printer head (optional; one could use pre-printed landing tapes; various sizes would be needed)
    7.) wings-in creasing & folding
    8.) configurable half/triple folding
    9.) book-end type finished hopper.
    10.) Manual bagging (optional - you might just want to place finished diapers near you're changing area.)

    Whoo! complex process! (typical printer is as follows):

    1.) Paper Feeds from paper tray @ metered rate.
    2.) Print head deposits colored ink(s)at specifc spots along one axis
    (or laser draws pattern along one axis along surface of rotating drum)
    3.) Ink dries as paper sits in output tray
    (or toner is hot-fused into paper by heat rollers)

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    I dont know that this would be quite as easy as you might imagine. Low volume production makes it very difficult to make profit at "competitive prices" . Abu is a good representation of this. They create a medium volume and still charge high prices for diapers whose only upside is nice prints.

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    Default On Manufacturing the Perfect Diaper

    Profit isn't the point. The Point is End-User customization, and availability.

    Using the printer analogy, If you want the finished product, pre-configured, buy a book. if you want your own, customized words, just the way you would have them, buy paper, pen & ink. Writing a story, journal, or whatever is the only way to get your own words on paper.

    If one was looking for profit on the admittidly complex 'diaper printer', I think the best approach would be through the necessary feed-stocks.

    I probably should have titled this thread "on means of making the perfect disposable diaper to order".

    The goal is to consider a highly customizable method for a 'build-to-order" diaper for those of us who desire something more to our taste than what is comercially produced, and to get various peoples ideas as to what constitutes such a diaper.
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