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Thread: Alex Jones... Is he legit or a nut like I think he is?

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    Default Alex Jones... Is he legit or a nut like I think he is?

    First, a bit of background and why I am posting this whilst being aware of the fact I might lose rep points and what have you. Right now, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

    Back in December a friend of mine posted a link to Alex Jones' and that FEMA camps, or concentration camps in the US will be up and running. This was done via my VERY private Facebook page. Plus, it's one of the red flags why I won't support Ron Paul. Ron Paul is very buddy-buddy with this guy and that scares me.

    I had listened to Alex Jones YEARS ago whilst on a security job helping a friend of mine out for a few weeks follwoing Columbine when high schools were scared of an attack; I had to listen to him go on about Y2K and how the world was going to collapse. This was before my physical disabilites took their toll upon me. It was a temporary job to be honest-

    As for Y2K- enter sarcastic comment, 'We all saw how real that was- what a joke Y2K was-' Life went on and there were no disruptions in January 2000. Only good thing about that was the Family Guy Y2K episode which had one hell of a 'Dallas' parody with Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal at the end-

    I had forgotten about Jones and his tripe for years until a friend posed things about FEMA camps and shit in early December. Is anyone out there like me that thinks Alex Jones is a nut and insane? Good Lord, for two months now thanks to autism; I've been studying that sack of shit and wondering if he's even real or a nut. Thus far, I believe he's insane and in need of mental help.

    I am aware I might risk getting neg-repped over through paulbots this but I have wondered if I am not alone in thinking that Alex Jones is a nut. I just want to hear if others are like me and wonder if the guy is a nut or whatever. I'm willing to take the rep damage with a full heart. I feel like I have nothing to lose right now. I will admit I am terrified of paulbots.

    (paulbots- Ron Paul fans)

    This has been on my mind for a while and I will admit I've been nervous about posting as I tend to shy away from political topics. I worry about how my views might go over and I don't want to risk losing friends over this thing. Friends mean a lot to me and I don't want to risk losing friends over this.


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    Well he might not be right but I don't think he needs any kind of mental help. People have the right to come to whatever conclusions they feel make the most sense as long as they aren't hurting anyone. You have all the right in the world not to agree with the guy. I personally don't think he is a nut and maybe has a few points but I am not going to follow him, or anyone for that matter, blindly. The random empty jails that keep popping up are a little strange though. The governments have a lot of secrets and I think it is good for people to be suspicious. They hold the fate of OUR lives in their hands.

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    If it will help. The video showing the "Fema" camp, with the girl in it looking threw a fence and towards the middle/end a black helicopter flies over head and they kinda freak out about it. The "Camp" is a closed down railroad engine facility were in the good old days they used to build everything from steam on up to the earliest SD-40. Hence the massive parking lots, fences and multiple railroad tracks. The helicopter that flies over head is a standard Bell-407 commercially built and sold to anyone with the money, and yes they come in black.

    Alex Jones is a master of strawman arguments, I don't think he is nuts, I think he is very wealthy and made his money in his little niche playing the part that some folks need him to play. Bohemian Grove, The builtiburgers, NWO, Illuminati so on an so forth. Believe me if there was more legitimacy in these ideas, you would see more creditable sources coming out in support of the truth, but you don't, you see LaMOE's and home grown researchers putting together arguments that look plausible but don't hold up under scrutiny.

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    While I may think that currently the best hope for our next president may be Ron Paul (he actually wants us to follow the Constitution? Wow.), I am certainly not going to neg rep you over this post. Even Ron Paul is not a perfect candidate. Honestly, anyone who actually WANTS that job should be, by default, disqualified for the position. Any of the people who have been smart enough to handle the position have flat out refused to even think about it.

    As for this Alex Jones character, I certainly see some serious issues with these doom and gloom types. While I can see that our country may eventually be headed for such conditions, it will take quite a long time. This is where I like looking at those who jumped on the bandwagon with the guy out here claiming that the Rapture was going to occur last year. They look an awful lot like fools right now, because they predicted a date and it didn't come to pass. Looking at Y2K, that was one where the date also came about and very little actually occurred that was troublesome.

    Why do I still think our country may be headed for such trouble? It comes down to the legislation that actually makes it through our government. Very slowly, quietly, bills and laws pass without any fanfare; many of these are touted as 'protecting our citizens', 'promoting safety', or 'going after the bad guys'. The general population does not look at the legislation closely and does not realize just how many of our civil rights are being stripped from us quietly.

    These limitations are slowly put into place, so slowly that nobody really complains. After all, it's just a 'minor inconvenience' and it helps keep us safe from the 'bad guys'. By the time the next rule is passed, the first 'inconvenience' is accepted as part of life. Eventually, the pattern will take us to the point where we have no rights or freedoms left.

    The rights and freedoms we have been guaranteed by the Constitution will not be taken away in a sudden shift, but rather slowly eroded until none are left.

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    I think the reason the whole gloom-and-doom approach of Alex Jones bothers me so is because for some reason, I still have hope for humanity despite the way things have been going. I for one hope that we can overcome these days and learn from the mistakes but unfortunately, we seem to be making more mistakes than correcting them. I often wonder why I cling to the hope that humanity will overcome all of it's petty stupidity but I have no reason why I feel that way. Maybe watching Star Trek a lot as a teen and young adult had something to do with that.

    I for one get tired of friends of mine trying to pressure me on things like Ron Paul, to question things and vote Paul. It's friends who listen to Alex Jones and read his sites that made me start paying attention to his tripe more than I'd like to. I admit I am paying a bit more attention to this election than I have before in the past because I have more free time to since I am not working and I think another reason for all this paranoia over doom-and-gloom- the Year 2012. Maybe cause it's 2012 has something to do with it. Who knows.

    I've also never been big on conspiracy theories either. So, maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, I am still going to cling onto my hope that humanity will grow up and learn to let go of it's petty differences and the greed emotion that seems to run rampant.

    Maybe I'm just letting things bother me too much for some reason since I have a lot on my mind these days... who knows.


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    also, it it helps, the zeitgeist section on cosmology and astrology is also proportedly incorect.

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    i know nothing of either of those people, however i base any assumption on things like this on a few simple questions;

    a) am i left thinking this sounds crazy?

    b) does it follow on or involve a new, old, or sectarian religious system, either implied or assumed?

    c) does he/she quote a known fanatic / fundamentalist / moron?

    if the answer is yes to any of those questions then i put them into the full of shit used diaper pile and carry on with my life.

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    I've watched a lot of Alex Jones and although I find it interesting in a whole conspiracy movie type of way after awhile it left me feeling depressed and hopeless. Whether or not he is right I can't have all that paranoia and fear mongering info in my life.

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    I'm going to come out and say I support Alex Jones. I usually catch his daily radio show broadcast and nightly news broadcast on youtube. Much of what he's said has come true and I've only been listening to him on a regular basis for less than year. Before that I'd come across his videos on occasion and watch some of them but never really took a big interest in what he had to say. The evidence he brings forward about a one world government dictatorship is strong and I believe the government has covered up a lot of stuff including what happened in Oklahoma City, Waco, and 9/11. Seeing America's Constitution being shredded to bits and pieces by our government through the passage of the Patriot Act, NDAA, and these internet censorship bills just proves that our government is not acting in the best interest of us. Back in 2008 people roared and cheered thinking Obama would fix everything. Here we are four years later still in the same hole we were in with Bush. I've tried to find stuff that can prove Alex Jones wrong but have yet to come across such information. I don't trust the main stream media anymore either.

    Call me what you will, but I stand by Alex Jones and his message. I believe he's wholesome American patriot like myself and simply wants to live free.

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    I am not going to insult anyone as they are entitled to their own beliefs... plus it's not in my blood to insult people. Only reason I said what I did about Jones himself is cause I just find him kind of out there in space on his own world. The reason I find Jones hard to swallow is I have had to listen to conspiracy theories for years and I usually end up thinking they're just that; conspiracy theories. I just fid them HARD to believe.

    For me, I get depressed listening to him go on and on about FEMA camps and the like because I have hope in humanity that it's differences can be resolved. I just was wondering what others thought of him because like I said, I HAD forgotten about him until recently and I will admit I have been paying attention to things a bit more than I used to. Maybe it's cause I like to study things and analyze things.

    I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. So, to each their own is all I'm going to say. I may think Jones is not accurate and out there in space, but all people are entitled to their own beliefs. Maybe I should just leave it at that.

    And to add, when I made my initial post, I was tired and kind of out of it after dealig with some major isomnia and some emotional issues.


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