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    I have eventually got a diagnosis of Overactive Bladder Syndrome and have started a course of medication.I am also booked in for some more tests.

    Currently my wetting is getting worse. I have been wearing adult diapers at night for the last few years wet them every night. I have used pads sometimes during the day, but over recent weeks I have started to have accidents that are more than the dribbles I am used to during the day. I now am wearing pull ups during the day.So far they have not leaked on me, but the way things are going I can see myself in full diapers all the time before long.

    The medication takes time to build up so I'm hoping things will start to improve.

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    Good luck with the medication. I have tried several different drugs for my overactive bladder and urge incontinence, but none of them did enough good to make it worthwhile to put up with the side effects. However, from what I've read, they help many people.

    I've been wearing diapers full-time now for many years. You get used to it. Since you've found this site, I hope that you either already enjoy diapers or are willing to learn to do so. Enjoying the diapers that you need to wear makes incontinence a lot less unpleasant than having to wear something you hate. It's better to enjoy what you can't help.

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    I 2nd that with all the best with the medication. Taking the step to wear all the time can't be easy, but I'm sure if you let it, things won't always be so bad.

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    As I said, I wet my diapers every night and always need them. During the day I can still manage to get to the toilet most of the time, but I wear the diaper to prevent accidents and to cope with any dribbling. At present I can feel myself start to pee in my pants and I can stop myself, just. A few times it just continued to come and I cannot stop. If my pull ups start to let me down during the day I will have to wear diapers, but I hope things will improve before this happens.

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    I stay away from drugs, and not just for incontinence. As much as possible I let my body self-regulate, and I'm grateful that in general my health is good.

    I know people who see lots of doctors and take lots of stuff. I'm wary of that entire system; it seems more driven to create business for its own sake than it does to provide me good healthcare. Nevertheless, I wish you luck with your medicine. I hope it provides benefit without too many harmful side-effects.

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    I have urge incontinence So start wearing again diapers 24/7 a long time ago it a lot better than running to the bathroom so many times I can't have full bladder just every time go its small amount time. So wear diaper is a lot easier for me and mine I can't take medication for it mental signal brain from brain damage have.

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    I agree with PFD. I've heard way too many stories where people start letting the medical system get involved with their condition and things get worse then they already were. After I gave birth to my last baby, the doctor wanted to do some corrective surgery because of the mess he made pulling the baby out. I almost went for it. Then I began researching and realized that it was better to stay with what I had and try to improve things naturally then to allow the 'system' to get involved and potentially cause irreversible damage. It's been 5 years and some things have become better and some things worse. There's also that thing called 'age' that none of us can reverse!

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    It's (for me) a bit like getting surgery for back/knee problems - My Doctor agrees that while I can manage without falling over too often, there is no need for surgery - the day may come when I need an operation, but hey I might be dead by then!

    I have tried medication for incontinence but it wasn't successful - I could try more, but my diaper regime works for me so I don't feel any great need to go through all the tests,etc. again with no guarantee of a good result.

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    I am now wetting my pants on a daily basis. It is good that I wear pull ups during the day, but I feel that I am gradually drifting to total incontinence. I am taking some medication, but it seems to be making little impact. I am due to have more tests in the next month, a simple flow test, which seems quite straight forward, and one where they put a camera in your bladder. After this I am told that there will be another test with a tube up my penis and one up my backside. I am not looking forward to these, but if it will help I will have to get on with it. On the previous occasions I have seen the urologist I have only worn a pad in my pants, I suspect this time I will be wearing a pull up or a diaper, it was embarrassing enough talking about my wetting, let only him seeing me in my diaper. I will have to get on with it, and I presume it is just everyday events for him, but it is another bridge to cross

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