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Thread: Ability to sleep in diapers?

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    Default Ability to sleep in diapers?

    Can you, or not, explain why.

    I can, sure, you get erections every 2 1/2 seconds if you are a DL and / or it is wet, however eventually you get through that, I just ignore it and sleep.

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    I've been sleeping in diapers for a while now, at the beginning I was aware of it and it made it somewhat difficult to get to sleep, now I don't even think about it, it's kind of second nature now.

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    Ditto to MadMike! Years ago I would have trouble getting to sleep, because that was all I could think about. But now the whole thing is very comforting. A couple of times I have woken in the middle of the night to find myself using them so to speak. Oh pure ecstasy.

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    Yes. Because I've been doing it for over 16 years now

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    I sleep just fine unless the diaper is wet, then its a different story.

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    I can sleep in diapers, but I find them uncomfortable. Not because I keep getting an erection...but just because I sweat a lot in them and I start getting hot.

    I do, however, sleep cuddling my teddy in my arms every night.

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    I can sleep quite well in diapers. It's extra cushiness around that area.

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    I was alittle difficult the first night I tried sleeping in diapers but from the second night on it was easy.

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    I can sleep in diapers! It's so very comfy. But I'm a I don't really have any problems some guys might have, I guess..xD

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