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    Hello everyone,

    I just joined but have been ABDL interested for a long time.

    I would consider myself both AB and DL, sometimes both or just one, the turn on is soemtimes there and sometimes it's only tthe warmth and comfort I'm looking for.

    I guess it all started when I was a preteen, and I outgrew my last pair of footie pajamas. Actually they were footless sleeper pajamas and they went to my brother. He would wear them from time to time and I would be jealous, occasionally sneaking them from his drawer to see if I could stuff myself into them. Eventually my brother outgrew them but my interest never wavered. It was ohnly last year that I finally found Target's sleepers (I was so frustrated. There they were, for years, and I never saw them in the middle of the grade-schoolers section) I was frustrated but happy that I finally had a pair. They werre a bit tight so I bought some off the internet from Footed I also have some coming in the mail from Snugasabug. My interest burgeoned from there, into diapers and recently pacifiers.

    Outside of ABDL stuff, I'm interested in writing ( plan on writing for the site, too), drawing (My sig will be drawn by me), shooting (I'm the guy who always grumbles when characters don't keep their fingers off the trigger), acting, video games, and skiing.

    I am a Christian, and I thank God for these experiences. I believe they have helped me grow a lot more openly compassionate with others, than this normally quiet boy would be.

    My AB age is somewhere around 6 years old. Would that make me an Adult Toddler, or an "Adult child"?

    Also, as a 21 year old, would I be a teen baby or a an adult baby? I still feel I respond more to the teen baby side of things as I live either at college or with parents, and therefore must hide it.

    I like sleepers apart from diapers as well, hence the 6 year old AB age.

    I hope to get to know everyone here better and I look forward to contributing!


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    Hi & welcome!
    Very good intro you've written there
    It's upto you what labels you want to apply to yourself, as long as you enjoy what you do, then it doesn't really matter.

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    Thanks. I suppose the label changes depending on my mood at the time. Above all I just love the fact that I can pee whenever I want. I can just go "Ohh, I think I'll pee now," instead of "I have to get up to use the restroom." It's an innocent freedom that I just love.
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    hey there! welcome!
    was just reading that you can't choose between Adult or Teen baby.... interesting... i cannot choose either!

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    Just read your comment in greeting to another new member, FooteeCrinkle. Because their seems to be some confusion, thought I would express my response to the teen baby/adult baby designation question. As your age is 21, your appropriate listing would be AB, BF, NEVER TB.

    "hey there! welcome!
    was just reading that you can't choose between Adult or Teen baby.... interesting... i cannot choose either!"

    Because ADISC serves 13 - 17 year olds, (which is below the age of consent in the U.S. regarding sexual matters); there should be no confusion regarding a designation of Teen Baby or Adult Baby. If you are 13 to 19, it is appropriate to list yourself as a Teen Baby.

    For the sake of propriety, safety and transparency, at no point should a member refer to themselves as a teen baby if they are 20 or older. This is especially concerning if a person has not listed there true age below their user name and then designates themselves as a teen baby.

    You're only as young as you feel, but just because I may feel like a teen baby today, listing myself as a TB on this site would only be deceptive and creepy.

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    Okay then. Didn't know it was such a big issue.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Just curious, what do you like best about this site/


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